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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/uselessredcircle/
  2. That's not what I'm talking about. 🙂 Here is the issue: when reloading, press and hold right click before reload is done, and the sight will not be aligned properly. Does not seem to affect the L96. 2020-04-04 15-13-52.mp4
  3. No, it happened many times. I can post video soon. The scope is identically not centered relative to where the hit marker appears on screen.
  4. If you damage someone and they get killed by someone else, you get an assist (within a certain amount of time). If you damage someone and they commit suicide, you get credit for the kill.
  5. Make a new bug report. The server-side game logic that decides who gets a kill and keeps two people from getting a kill at the same time does not yet apply to gun game gun ranks.
  6. I know that the file type is not the same format as the maps currently in the game, but it loads fine now and as I understand, your concern was mainly about appearance and portability? I think it looks fine and obviously it is kind of large to load but I would not expect to find it in WebGL version. I just don’t understand why maps that load right now aren’t usable, and if that is the case, why the old map editor made files/allowed you to make maps that aren’t usable...
  7. Sorry that I don’t have video for this but the M107 scope seems to not be aligned. But what’s weird is sometimes it seems to be fine, and other times not. Usually it seems the shots go up and to the left relative to where the scope is set. I was using Strong Arms and Regen.
  8. How to install maps on Windows: (others are similar) Download the file Unzip it Then go to My Documents --> SkillWarz --> Maps and paste the .swm file(s) in that folder. Go back to SkillWarz Go to Editor Maps, click Refresh. Click "Online" by the map to start a game; or if joining someone else, go back to Find Game and join the EditorMap lobby.
  9. I just posted a new map, hopefully it will be added so people can try it out 😄
  10. To me it just looks like he does not have good timing with when to knife but idk
  11. After approximately seven months of off-and-on development, I present the new map "Nightride": Forget laggy maps! Nightride has been carefully and pragmatically designed to not turn your graphics card into a leaf blower. Though spacious and beautifully detailed, it runs only 40% slower than an average map. If you can run most maps at even 100 FPS, you can run this one at a full 60 FPS. Correctly sized! Forget enemies throwing grenades across the entire map, or earning the Hiking merit badge by accident while trying to find another player. Nightride is scaled with careful attention to popular SkillWarz maps (P1, P5, P9, P13, etc.) to accommodate 6 - 12 players. The reviews are in! Here is a selection of serendipitous statements from well-known players: "This map is sick!" - juliom10 "This is insane!" - wcoutts "I like this map" - Sviseerd "It's insane" - HumamT You have to see it to believe it! Here are some screenshots: I hope you like this map! Download all three versions here: Nightride Maps.zip
  12. It is probably becuase the bottom of the object has a collision box that is normally directly on the ground. I have never noticed before...
  13. Here is the link to the topic, "PEDIDO DE UMA NOVA CONTA", I don't know why it does not show up. He is telling the truth as I just saw the topic yesterday. Summary: "plz remove ban I did not cheat" "If you tell truth I can remove your ban in a few weeks" "ok I used cheats" "ok contect me in 2 weeks and I will remove ban" 2 weeks later... "please remove my ban" I viewed this topic 13h 9 min ago.
  14. It used to be that you could press X to switch between semi auto and full auto but it was removed because it was basically pointless and no one used it. It would be cool to add it back for the M4A1, AK12, and AUG to swap to a 3 round burst mode. And the balancing factor could be that when in 3 round burst, there is 0.5x recoil, and ADS bullet spread is disabled.
  15. SkillWarz Gameplays is my playlist of full gameplays.
  16. SkillWarz Clips is a playlist showcasing various clips that are too long to post in SkillWarz: Clips of the Day.
  17. SkillWarz Custom Maps is a playlist showcasing me and others playing on custom maps the community has made for SkillWarz.
  18. SkillWarz: A Closer Look is a series that covers all of the quantitative aspects of SkillWarz in a relaxed and digestible manner. Comment on the most recent video to leave a suggestion!
  19. SkillWarz Clips of the Day is a fun series showcasing clips I've hit and funny moments in SkillWarz. SUMBIT YOUR CLIPS HERE: https://discord.gg/9rHhm77
  20. Would be fun but connections between players would not be super good with 18 people in a lobby, and you need low ping for it to feel fair because there is so much knifing. Deathmatch maps are very big and too easy to camp on, where people with only knifes could never get to. For this post, I wanted to focus on modes that would work well with current maps, lobby sizes, and spawns.
  21. Did you not see posts above? Most of community is against the idea and wants other things added instead.
  22. Not to disappoint but Battle Royale is not going to be added because SW is not a battle royale game. https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=428 https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=589 https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1063
  23. I know people suggest game modes all the time, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents. This is a list of uncommon game modes I have played that are super fun and I think would work well on the current maps. To be honest, most people play Team Deathmatch anyway, so having some unique game modes would I think be a bit more interesting than adding super common ones. Anyway, here is my list: Sharpshooter: everyone in the lobby is given the same random weapon with random attachments. Weapons change every 45 seconds. The most score wins. Details and variants: Can be free-for-all or team based. Instead of using the users' perks, many versions award perks as a player gets a higher killstreak. Awarded perks could be random, or not. Many versions give the player 2x score after achieving a short killstreak. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWMfkWK70Rk Juggernaut: Team Deathmatch, but on each team there is a Juggernaut, randomly selected from the players on that team, with no perks, a gold Deagle, and a 0.1x damage multiplier. Get points by killing the other teams' Juggernaut. Details and variants: Killing the Juggernaut could be the only way to get points, or it could just be bonus points. When the Juggernaut dies, another player on that team is randomly selected to be the Juggernaut. The Juggernauts would have an icon above their heads visible to friendlies and enemies. Alternate version: everyone spawn in like in a Deathmatch game, but they are all on the same team except a randomly chosen Juggernaut. Get points by getting kills as the Juggernaut. Become the Juggernaut by killing the current Juggernaut. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03KGTGytwpk Example: https://youtu.be/GXvU2VtEYww?t=38 Intel Hunter: Team Deathmatch, but everytime someone dies, they drop Intel (just some sort of token). Pick up intel to increase the amount you have. After you pick up 20 intel, your personal cache is full, and you deposit the Intel in a central site on the map to win the game for your team. Details and variants: Intel can be picked up off of both dead friendlies and enemies, or just dead enemies. Your personal Intel cache is not dropped on death. Everyone drops 1 Intel no matter how many/if they picked any up. The timer for depositing intel can reset on death, or not. Also, it pauses if there are enemies right nearby. The "bomb site" would just be placed where the Bonus Flags are currently on the map. Example: https://youtu.be/oRgdrPqyvyQ?t=153
  24. Yes, you can also try to install itch.io on your computer and it will install SW when you tell it to.
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