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  1. 😐 You need to be active on forums...
  2. Dang @triplebusted you really do not like the 3 round burst guns 😂
  3. It's been suggested since years ago for people to drop their weapons/ammo when they die, not sure if it's planned to be added.
  4. Sounds like you want to add "scavenger" perk where when enabled, enemies drop some ammo that you can pick up.
  5. I still don't see what the problem is; way more people use AK47 for instance and M107 is good only at long range.
  6. I think it's fine how it is. Looking at this a lot of long-time players don't even think M107 is one of the best guns, and worse than L96A1.
  7. In FPS games dropoff is always based on map style. In COD most guns drop off after 20-30m because of small/tight map style, even though IRL AR's are good to 400m and shotguns 100m. SW is similar, if AR's did not have much damage drop until out to 100's of meters then there would not be much use for snipers.
  8. Perks are supposed to help you in-game but this only helps you level up. I think challenges/contracts system would be better overall b/c this could easily be a crutch perk. The only way I see it being not-broken is if it's unlocked at Rank 50 but it still wouldn't fit well IMO.
  9. He's a pretty good guy but I haven't talked to him in years lol Being active on forum/discord is basically a must for being an admin; we already have admins who barely talk. 😬
  10. RIP I actually liked using that feature...
  11. Oh ok, I thought the "room is full" requirement got taken out and then assumed the AFK time must have been removed also. My b lol
  12. Come on man, the search box is there for a reason. 😔
  13. I don't really see a reason to separate challenges by rank. Also, are some of these even possible? "One shot, one kill" an entire mag with a L96 with headshots only. <- never done this Fire a full MG4 Mag into enemies without missing a single shot or dying <- yeah no kill 3 enemies with a single grenade <- happened maybe twice, with claymores Login and play Skillwarz 15 days in a row <- this isn't daily A lot of these are good ideas but I think most of them are better suited to be implemented as general challenges (total gun kills, total long
  14. Personally I'm a fan of renaming: 2x hardcore -> hardcore hardcore -> normal
  15. It will probably take a while to add because the first thing you have to do is add trackers of: Kills with a specific gun Headshot kills Kills while a specific attachment is on your gun etc. Then have server-side code to set the challenges, or have a pseudorandom algorithm to set them client-side using the date as a seed. Then do all the frontend stuff to display challenges, and reward XP on completion, etc. It shouldn't be too hard as basic statistics are already tracked, but it would be a small project by itself.
  16. Well it's either "per day" or "per match" so...
  17. Overview I like this idea and I think one reason that it was not implemented before was concerns about boosting. I have two ideas to remedy that: Each daily challenge can be done only once per day. Similar to how the bonus flag only spawns in a room of at least 4 people, you must be in a room of at least 4 people for kills to count towards daily challenges. Edit: Daily challenges are also disabled in password protected rooms. In general I think the implementation could go as such: Randomly select 3 challenges each day each with a random
  18. Before Version 0.43 you had to manually click to respawn. With auto-respawn came 120sec AFK timer. I think the AFK timer was removed but I don't remember when.
  19. Even in COD there is about a .3 sec delay to shoot and another .3 sec to ADS after sprint cancel. Even just this .6 sec you get killed a lot and COD has a slower TTK than SW. You want to have INSTANT reload cancel, which is nonsense imho... P.S. reloading the MG4, or doing a partial reload on the KSG, DAO, or MLG-140 are the only guns where knife-canceling speeds up the reload.
  20. In COD you could sprint to cancel but in this game sprint does not cancel. But there are already 3 other ways: Knife Mantle Swap Weapons Adding this may require animation adjustments, IDK.
  21. @Blink23 he's saying you can't "Y-Y" like in COD Warning: earrape mic quality 😬
  22. funny guy... OMA maybe add a confirmation message to "!clear" command like "Are you sure you want to clear the entire list of blocked usernames? (y/n)". Idk if people will confuse/forget the difference between "!clear" and "!unblock".
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