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  1. huh interesting You should try some green/yellow illuminati pyramid skin 😄
  2. Dats crazy bro I should try to make this map just to see how small I can get it lololololol My map Penitentiary is only 38kB
  3. Frames are improved by 50%+ (big difference) Styling is much better, and additional space is nice
  4. the artwork on the magazine doesn't line up with the artwork on the gun
  5. Could you have the mag have the same texture as the mag reciever?
  6. Info for anyone reading: I just added an exception to the SkillWarz folder and I'll see if that fixes it. Edit: it did not. 😞 I'm going to try a different AV.
  7. I'm not really a fan of the plasma one, I like pseudo-military camos like recolored urban or woodland, etc. Like in MW2/3 and Blops 1
  8. Save As = current Save button Save = saves as the map that was opened Import = current Load button (does not overwrite) Load = button sequence New + current Load button (does overwrite) Also if user has unsaved changes, prompt if they want to continue after clicking "New" or "Load".
  9. By the way, I don't know what you did but this map has TERRIBLE performance for its size; I've made 10x larger maps that have better performance... Just wanted to tell you, make sure to not use too many objects I guess.
  10. I have this "Digital Blizzard" texture I made that I think would be good on some guns: IDK if the texture map I made would work, tho.
  11. I will make a review soon! Right now my comments are: try to use more than 3 colors, and have the walls and floor not be the same color. The sizing looks pretty good but the spawns could probably be improved a bit (looks like too easy to spawn trap). IDK if this would interest you, but I make Map Design videos for SW. Would you want to send me your .SWPRO file so I could make a video or two on your map? Your map has a nice design so my video would be about improving the styling and colors and stuff, as a tutorial for other players. Let me know if this sounds interesting
  12. Ideas for game modes: Death run: On lobby creation, host picks which weapons each size has. Each side only has 1 weapon (no secondary). (Please include Knife Only, Nades Only, and MLG-140 as weapon choices too. 😄) Parkour: All weapons are disabled (like knife only w/o knife) and suicides do not count as deaths in the leaderboard. It's kind of minor, but it would nice to be able to aim down sight even though you can't use the gun. Fall Guys: Rename to "Execution" mode. I like the name "Execution" because it is a double entendre*: Your parkour must have good execution, and if
  13. I don't want too sound too critical I just don't understand why you would need this, or what you are really talking about. I have made 20+ maps and I don't understand how it would be useful... If I have concerns about flow or balance, I export map and do a playtest with some people. But I don't think this is what you mean. Can you give an example?
  14. Yikes, how did it take you 10 hours to reduce the size? Making Tightrope and Penitentiary combined was 10 hours for me 😬
  15. But can't you just walk around the map yourself and see all that? That's what I do. You can even place a spawn point dummy if you need to then delete later.
  16. Doesn't sound like a bad idea, but what actually is the purpose? In other words, how would this help anything to have bots wandering around a map?
  17. Not sure we need a devil's advocate when we always have people making oddball suggestions but ok 😂 Like some dude said to add zombies to the map editor???? ok lol
  18. When game gets more popular (WebGL will bring in players), this sounds good. However, many times there are only 1-2 lobbies open so adding LGDJ might not be a good idea right now 😕 See also: https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=674&start=20
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