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  1. If you just read some of the posts in the last month you will see additional context for kind of what is happenin’ β€˜round here. Unrelated, but OMA is from Latvia so he often comes off as matter-of-fact, and also not everyone here (including me) has the time or energy to write detailed, long responses to every post. πŸ˜€
  2. There's not, but OMA is working on things like WebGL version and Map Editor right now so stuff relating to that will be more helpful in the short term.
  3. A bit of explanation: On the old editor, all of the textures had the same scale. You can see here this concrete wall looks very repetitive because the texture is repeated many times. Similarly, you can see I made these buildings have a bunch of detail so they would not look too repetitive. Old editor also had texture bleeding: you can see the yellow lines there because the texture next to that metal roof texture was yellow. New editor will not have these problems. Also, old editor had relatively low texture resolution: And again, you can see the texture bleeding on the brown carpet (and other things also):
  4. Mostly, and the rest I will Google. 😁 When I get home (about 10 hours) I will point out flaws, visible in my above screenshot.
  5. Would it be possible to do a combination of the two? Have grass material with texture atlas of grass textures, stone material with texture atlas of stone textures, etc.? Then there would only be a few different materials... but I don't know if this is a good idea, I just thought I'd mention it.
  6. no triangle, but nameplate might be useful
  7. I think chat is pretty obvious already, I don't see a reason to add a sound per se
  8. I think he is talking about the mantle animation? Also Yoda, write a better explanation next time than πŸ™‚
  9. The thing is is that the map files are <100 KB mostly, but my texturepacks on the old editor are about 2MB / 64 textures = 31 KB per texture average. So having any map-specific textures would greatly increase the size of the file. Even as a jpg, it is 10 KB per texture. But having texture files just come with the game, it would only be 1-6 bytes per object (base texture and any sides with different textures) to have 256 texture options (1 byte = 256 values). I think it's doable and I'd really like to see it added; only question is what textures to include. Only other thing to consider is *maybe* performance is better optimized with the Prototype textures, but I feel like it would make no difference if anti-aliasing is off.
  10. impossybull


    I assume just temp ban?
  11. not necessarily, it's just not a good fit for how SW is πŸ™‚
  12. I'm saying that Regen + Strong Arms with an unsuppressed AK47 is one of my go-to classes. If you think it sucks, that's your opinion.
  13. Some maps (i.e. P5) don't have ammo packs by most defensive positions. Also, it depends who a "noob" is to you lol. Better players see most (not just a few) players as not much of a challenge. I use it all the time on the unsuppressed AK47: there is a noticable difference. Doesn't make any sense to add tho
  14. and fyi, master player was ATZak See video:
  15. See also this post: Fast hands - Throwing nades - Would be nice switching to your secondary become faster <<-- Already in game Low gravity - Add ability to mantle but its ~30% slower than normal - I think it's fine, not mantling is the trade-off. It's good for trickshotting. Crosshair - Hip fire accuracy is slightly increased - Would be nice Extra ammo - Combine with extended mags - Nah, extra ammo is good by itself against noobs, for long killstreaks Strong arms - Mantle speed increased by 10% or reduced flinch - Already reduces recoil by 50%, it's fine as it is Silent footsteps - No mantling noises (or heavily reduced) - and reduced jumping noises also, would be nice Extra nade - Nades regenerate up to 2 extra nades or gain nades from ammo boxes - uhh no Move faster ADS - 5-15% increase in ADS speed (excluding snipers) - wouldn't even be noticeable unless it's at least 20%; idk it might be good
  16. impossybull

    nades bug

    video for anyone who is curious
  17. Just played with him and he seemed normal. Just good lol
  18. He knows what joking means, it's just that sarcasm is not really wanted in a cheater/bug report.
  19. match bonus XP is +50%, if you win, and only if you played more than 1/2 the match. The "bonus" like in the thumbnail is just added to your total score.
  20. Only a couple suggestions: Lower walls and replace most of the height with barriers. 1/2 the map is in the shade β›…πŸ˜Ž This much verticality in Shipment might be a little annoying to the losing team, because people always try to get to the highest point on the map (with visibility). Shipment is very small so there is especially no place to hide. I'm not saying it wouldn't be fun, all I'm saying is that you may need to change it a bit, depending on how people play. On my map Storage (Shipment from COD4) (download here), there is a way to get on top of the containers, and it is very hard to get people off them. P.S. It would be cool if you attached or DM'ed me your project 😁
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