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  1. I’d like to see this when we have 1000 players online, not now tho. Besides what’s the point of unlocking guns if people will lock out of lobby guns they don’t like? All the time you hear complaints about balance etc
  2. anything else is ok but knife only you need to make in its own lobby otherwise it's boosting
  3. Yeah my difficulty ratings go from trivially easy to essentially impossible, so even a 5/10 is difficult for anyone who is not experienced in the game.
  4. I mean, how often do you need to check it lol
  5. Yes your whole post was "a typo".... Your PC = your responsibility. Have your sister make her own account so only she will get muted from using such language and not your shared account.
  6. Of course if you are in a cloud of fog, there will be less fps. Translucent/fog effects have always been taxing in games because the render engine has to do additional calculations on how the scene should look different when standing in fog.
  7. Not to mention that just yesterday someone posted this screenshot of your kind words in chat: Maybe FOLLOW the rules first if you want to be able to enforce the rules on others.
  8. You get 50% more XP per kill but unless you are boosting on purpose you won’t really earn XP at a faster rate than just playing in a public match, because a 1v1 to 75 kills takes so long to do even though you get a lot of XP at the end.
  9. So to be an admin you usually must be active for a while forum community (not just in game), and show good reason and judgement. For example, on the old forum, all 7 admins were in the top 23 in #'s of posts made. Longevity and activity in forum community is very important. FYI, the fastest someone has become an admin is 10 months after joining community. Thanks for posting.
  10. Please write in English so we can all understand (or at least a language that one can find on Google Translate).
  11. I only noticed this in the past couple versions fyi.
  12. I have the same problem sometimes; if I close the game and reopen it fixes itself.
  13. Yeah because we are 1st, 7th, and 10th on the global leaderboard respectively. If you watch a video like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AALJZ-yEhOc that's like months of my best clips, and the reason I it so many hipfires is that I've played long enough to know where the center of my screen is, but then ALSO have gotten lucky many times out of many more tries. Just practice/be attentive to where the center of your screen is and you will improve your hipfire accuracy.
  14. Powerlook's complaint that he doesn't like the crosshair gave me an idea: maybe add a hotkey (F1?) that just removes the entire HUD. The reason for this is that if people are trying to hit montages or trickshots they could toggle their HUD off for a more cinematic view.
  15. yes they are compressed, so the more randomness/less repeatibility, the larger the file size Compression algorithm would have to run to show it. Maybe there could be an option to have a meter and an "update meter" button that would run the export algorithm.
  16. Ban list has been cleared only a few months ago. You sure he didn't get banned again? Also, why are you writing for your "friend" here? If he has a question then he can write his own post. I can guarantee you this is not why.
  17. I noticed a drop but only sometimes and I think not that much for my system. But normally I'd easily get 120 fps when locked at 120, but now it's hit-or-miss whether it stays that high, it seems. GTX 1050 card.
  18. probably dropped from 1000 to 970 😂
  19. There's already been reports of people using this, we just didn't know how they were doing it; if I was the first one to discover this whole thing then I probably wouldn't post here. Also, to do this glitch you have to have been playing on 2 different computers which most people are not. The chance of abuse/replication is not much higher than if I had not posted because someone playing on 2 computers would discover this themselves anyway.
  20. When Prestiging then switching computers, the classes from the previous prestige are retained (the ones that were saved locally to that computer before the most recent Prestige). Classes need to be checked that they were reset on that Prestige, for each computer. I would save on each computer the Prestige rank number, then on login check if that number is less than the current Prestige from the server, if it is then reset the classes saved on that PC and correct the saved number to the current Prestige. This will prevent people from using illegal perks and attachments after Prestiging.
  21. kkkkkkkkkkk in Brazil = hahahahahahahaha in English, because in that language if you say "K" over and over it sounds like laughing, so you see BR players do that a lot. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kkkk
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