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  1. Reduce recoil back to original value:

    L96A1 - it's hard enough to use with the re-center animation so it may as well have the original recoil.

    M110 - it's unusably bad as even before you would need Strong Arms to be able to use it easily.

    KSG - same reason as L96A1 (pump animation and slow fire rate).

    DAO - already had tons of recoil so now it just kicks to the sky even at close range if you spam it.

    P99 - most people don't use the P99 as the Deagle has a longer effective range. I think it would be better if it had the original low recoil with the G22 and USP keeping the increased recoil.

    AK12 - this gun has its niche only at longer range so it makes sense to have less recoil. Right now the recoil is pretty strong which gives the AK12 a relatively short effective range.

    M249 - Hardly anyone uses this gun for some reason, I think because of the slightly lower damage and long reload time. Right now it's basically the exact same in terms of damage, range, and recoil as the AUG so it would be interesting to lower the recoil back down on this to differentiate the weapons (P.S. bring back the 100-round clip 😄). It makes sense that the heavy LMG would have less recoil than AR's. Maybe we can try it for an update and see how it feels.

    K10 - The downside to the K10 is its high fire rate and low clip size. The upside is its low recoil. I think the recoil should be lowered back (and as a side note, the Kriss Vector has very low recoil IRL too).




    Keep the increased recoil:

    M4A1 - still has pretty low recoil.

    AK-47 - not usable at long ranges now so easier for M4A1 and K10 to be good (and AK12 if its recoil is lowered back).

    G22 - still has pretty low recoil.

    USP - still has pretty low recoil.

    AUG - still has pretty low recoil.


    I know it looks like I want to mostly undo the changes but the thing is that the M4A1 and AK47 are the most used guns by far, so for the other guns it's mostly just undoing the nerf of increased recoil which I think would drive more people to use them. IK that as a noob player you will only have M4A1 and AK47 as your AR options but even as a rank 50 player I would still use those two guns most of the time as do most experienced players.

  2. 5 hours ago, el3venS1x said:

    Im playing without the insights.


    You've barely played SW at all! We are open to suggestions but why hop on the forum and suggest RADICAL changes when you have barely played the game? 😂


    And when you created this topic it was:



    I know "first impressions" is in the title but why even suggest changes when you only have 9 kills? You have not even explored 90% of the game, you're not good enough to judge what should be rebalanced, and you don't understand the spirit/culture the developer has that makes the game unique and how they want it to play. Consider this before championing large changes that would be rejected by long-time players.

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  3. Throwing knifes are so useless though. They're only good for the 0.01% of trickshots where you cross map someone.


    I think someone may have also suggested this a while back on the old forum.


    To be clear, I'm not against them being added but I don't see it as a priority by any means, especially considering that most players avoid them and use grenades or claymores instead.

  4. j'ai = "I have" so you could do it either way. "I understood life" = "Je comprenais la vie"


    Also, "Did you well wrote you english???" -> I think you mean to say "Did you write your English well?"

    This is how that sentence is constructed:

    • You write.
    • You write well.                                <- add adverb after verb
    • You write your English well.           <- add object after verb, but before adverb
    • You wrote your English well.          <- past tense
    • Did you write your English well?    <- interrogative form: add helping verb "do", and move the past tense to the helping verb ("did"), changing the original verb to its infinitive form
  5. 1 minute ago, VipereSolide said:

    WHy are you aggressive like that?

    I'm not aggressive. I'm just letting you know that you need to be more careful as many times you have written something that does not make much sense.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, VipereSolide said:

    Something's wrong with my english ?

    Yeah kinda... how do you write "I understood the life budd" in your native language? Because it is not written well in English


    5 minutes ago, VipereSolide said:


    People say "mod" not "modo" 🙂


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