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  1. If you approach them with the same velocity vector each time and don't sway jump, I think they're 100% consistent (don't quote me tho)
  2. Obviously SW != IRL but just FYI shotguns are still pretty deadly out to like 50-100m IRL shotguns are not used all the time for several reasons, such as awkward size (larger than SMG) relatively short range (~75m vs ~400m for an AR-15) high per-shot recoil increased possibility of collateral damage weakest ammunition class against body armor (you can't make hardened buckshot) These are what "balance" shotguns IRL but only the recoil carries over to games. Because of this, a lot of games (like COD) will scale down the ranges e.g. so shotgu
  3. Yeah I always play at 110 FOV (screenshots look a bit weird sometimes) so I set it to 70 (Minecraft default) to take that screenshot. Didn't remember that the default was 80, not 70.
  4. No, it would be completely balanced! If the KSG is not a 1 shot then that means it has a slower TTK than EVERY other gun in the game at close range, and close range is where you would expect it to be good. This is the reason it got nerfed, were people complaining "I kept getting 1-shotted by the KSG on Prototype 4" but if you can't use it at close range then what range do you expect it to be good at??? You use sniper rifles from 10 meters away? Well maybe you do because the M107 will actually 1-shot reliably from that range... 😁 I thought about suggest
  5. The KSG-12 again does not have a niche; it is too difficult to use at close range. Considering that you can spray from the hip with most full auto guns at close range and get a kill in 2-3 hits, the KSG should be a reliable 1-shot from the hip, assuming it is aimed accurately of course. Here are how I think of the objectives: Reliable 1-hit kill from hip at 10-15m Reliable 1-hit kill ADS with good aim at 40m No 1-hit kill past 50m Here is a damage/range modification that could fit these objectives: Right now there is basically no 1-hit kill past
  6. I'd like to add 🤔-style emoji (0 reputation points). But I think the others are generally redundant. Apparently the reaction emoji used here are proprietary to Invision... which means matching the style will be impossible. We'd have to switch to a different emoji set for it to not look weird. You can use Twemoji (Twitter/Discord/Roblox/etc.) emoji for free with attribution if you want. https://twemoji.twitter.com/
  7. Dedicated servers are also more expensive. It's something that could happen in the future, especially if there are a lot more players, to improve average UX, but no guarantees.
  8. Not even sure what you're trying to describe here tbh...
  9. Or just measure the dimensions of the map you want to port, then you will not have to port by sight... 😉 P.S. I have a whole tutorial series on this
  10. Clearly hacks to me. But you don't need to trim down video; if you see someone doing this, go into "spectate" team and spectate them for a min or few.
    Not the worst map I've ever seen but far from good IMO. This is the type of stuff you can think up in under a minute.
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