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  1. You need to be more active here and on Discord
  2. This post is beyond that... For real, this writing style you have borders on illegible. Adminship is something that is possible to get when you are known to have the qualities that would make a good admin. You don't become an admin THEN gain the requisite skills. Obviously all admins learn about admin tools and whatnot, but the qualities of the person have to be preexisting. Being an admin is not a trophy and should not be a "big deal". What I mean is, in general discussions admins should not have extra prestige because of their title, they should have the prestige appro
  3. True. My comment assumed the context of he is posting gameplays or info videos about the game.
  4. @ShardulWasHere Always put game name in the title of the video. Look at how I do it for example
  5. This has to be one of the worst suggestions I've ever seen
  6. Lol you've never seen this sidebar on the main page? Start reading forums and Discord, we don't make people admins who we never talk to 😐
  7. Honestly most of this response reeks of an immature line of thinking; IDK why you are pointing out Shardull so much: just settle that between yourselves. Why is this written in the present tense? It hasn't happened. On the topic of your English, surely you can tell that it is hard to read when you write like: "i didnt aspect that" "thanks to all for there comments N like" "Tho Not sure M gonna be the admin" "N some replies as "
  8. when you see 20XX-XX-XX anywhere, 99.9% of the time it is y-m-d
  9. Just use Unity lol. Please read the replies to this post:
  10. Nice job @lawrior on linking those posts 😄 SW is not supposed to be realistic lol. It's an arcade shooter.
  11. He's not the first person to say they got banned for running hacks meant for a different game, but I don't know if this is actually possible or just an excuse. OMA will need to check logs/give opinion. @NikR3x can you promote the game with a YT channel or similar?
  12. You wrote it as a range but only sampled discrete values, is the problem. I'll be coming out with videos soon i think
  13. Add the bars that lie to you, like in COD 😂
  14. 😐 there are a few errors here... this should really be in General Discussion, not News and Info
  15. No reason to do this when there are other good candidates. "Training" is being helpful and showing good judgement in the first place, THEN you will be considered...
  16. He's very active everywhere and definitely is a nice guy. But I have a few concerns (in no particular order): I don't feel like he thinks for himself as much as needed; he often wants other people's opinion and approval before doing stuff. While this is not a bad trait, as an admin you need to be able to accurately and independently assess situations without needing to consult with others first, and to be able to give a unique and insightful viewpoint on problems people have or advice that people seek. Additionally, he often uses nonstandard English and abbreviations that people don't understa
  17. Good, well-rounded person but still kind of new here, as you only recently came back. I wouldn't say yes right now, but he is a promising candidate. Edit: I'd say yes
  18. Very active but I have never seen you talk on forums or Discord before. I know you're not toxic in-game but knowing your personality/attitude on here or on Discord, and knowing that you can be active, is very important.
  19. You know the template is just a minimum... if you don't have experience then you should write about why you think you would be a good fit. Writing the absolute minimum request is not super supportive of you. Still pinging the BWL... And it is only recently we unbanned you from the Discord... enough said. 😕
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