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  1. WebGL sensitivity seems like 10x higher than normal version. Playing in Chrome browser on Windows.
  2. impossybull


    MANY people have claimed this over the years. If we gave everyone a second chance, 90% would be back again with some other excuse. My suggestion is: if you have to tell someone not to hack on a game, maybe don't show them the game in the first place. 😢
  3. What happened: I un-zoom, then press R to reload; instead of the animation, it reloads instantly. But I cannot scope in again until the time it would normally take to reload has passed. Expected: normal reload animation, and the time to refill the 10 bullets is not instantaneous. Reproduce: I couldn't reproduce on purpose, but try to release the right mouse button, and press Reload button shortly after.
  5. Bug at 1:11 and 3:36. ADS is disabled until the ammo in the clip returns to full.
  6. Provide a better example, instead of "trash" talking? I'm replying to your suggestion...
  7. You are not banned if it is not your username. If your IP is the same as someone who is banned it may say you are banned. Wait a little and try again.
  8. Yeah me neither πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I tried COD Mobile once and didn't like it much, but also I have played COD Zombies up to like Wave 150 so... Here's how COD Zombies does theirs:
  9. Main issue is balance. Best player on mobile is no match for average player with mouse and keyboard. It's possible, but lobbies would have to be separate. Right now OMA is working on the WebGL version; once that is done, it would be easier to port to mobile.
  10. "Don't inject hacks" is the solution.
  11. This will probably be added in the future, but it is not critical and will take a bit of time to add so probably some other things will come first. Related: https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=263
  12. Yeah maybe not right now but UI menus are already made, you'd only need to add another category there; and adding attributes that adjust certain multipliers is a lot easier than adding assets or animations. I always try to make my suggestions doable, not obvious stuff like "add moar guns". πŸ™‚
  13. I know that you're super busy right now but I think this is a good suggestion. The main idea is to add a weapon attachment category called "Modify" (suggestions below). As you know, many FPS games let players use different modifications to their gun besides suppressors and optics. In addition to adding new customization, this would change Extended Mags to be for each gun (which makes more sense IMO) and implements the rarely-used Move Faster ADS perk in a different way. Obviously you wouldn't need to implement all of these if you just wanted some, but I came up with quite a few in case you wer
  14. Hmm interesting. I'm not sure people would use this a lot though, as you can see the Discord and forum are not super active.
  15. To be an admin you must be active for a while in game and forum community, and show good reason and judgement. For example, 4 of the 7 admins are in the top 17 players globally; on the old forum, all 7 admins were in the top 23 in #'s of posts made. And it is important to note, that most of these individuals were there before they became an admin. Does this mean you need to be super high on game leaderboard? No. But longevity and activity in forum community is very important. FYI, the fastest someone has become an admin is 10 months after joining community. Also, in the post "Read
  16. I guess not lol but you can get a kill after everyone elseβ€˜s movement is frozen
  17. Usually enemies are invincible after match ends afaik but yeah it’s not really any problem
  18. Tested recently, but not in newest version
  19. Sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fKZNFMvxSQ&lc=z22mubhwrwbmxzdmuacdp43aobmvwthpsg5efi34ds5w03c010c.1585003582737904
  20. Probably not. There is sensitivity and ADS sensitivity factor settings though.
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