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  1. Plenty active on Discord. Seems to be pretty well-respected. I don't have anything to say against him. Seems active and enthusiastic.
  2. Plenty active on Discord. Seems to be pretty well-respected though I don't know him that well personally. I don't have anything to say against him.
  3. Seems pretty good but he's not been active on discord since September. Not going to name names be we all know that admins have to be active on forum or Discord to respond to questions and ban/mute appeals.
  4. Yeah that's pretty expensive. I would expect like $1-2, tops
  5. I mean how hard is it to... https://skillwarz.com/online/
  6. yeah there is some player "skillwarz" in game, huh
  7. Why not just keep it the same on the forum? I don't really like the name "skillwarz" as an account name.
  8. @SUIKAST impersonating admin team = ban Also, stop being weird in chat please thanks
  9. For bugs like these where obviously no one/almost no one else is having them, it's very important to include your system configuration.
  10. So basically HC mode but with a 4x HS multiplier
  11. How do you write so much but think so little? There is no such rule. You would know this if you read the rules. And once again, not even bothering to apologize. And if you're unmuted, then anyone muted can start ranting on the forum that their words are "just a way of expression", and get unmuted.
  12. Can y'all stay on topic; this isn't the drama section. And @ShardulWasHere you need to communicate better in the first place. I have no idea what your point is.
  13. On the forum? For forum users or Discord users? Also, why?
  14. I'm not sure that you can use that word like that; even if you can, what's the point?
  15. no I need to make some videos lol I'm mainly just procrastinating until: - I get higher rank, and - There is some release on a second platform (WebGL and/or Steam) so that playerbase/potential audience goes way up. Gameplay videos aren't that difficult but I don't rly like making videos that might not get a ton of views. IDK maybe I'll make a few soon.
  16. What the hell does that even mean ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜‚
  17. First of all, you are not banned, you are muted. Second, you don't even bother to apologize for swearing at me in-game, but you want me to unmute you? Third, you swearing at me was just a reminder for me to mute you as you had been pinging the logs basically daily for a long time to that point.
  18. More info in the middle of your screen = less well you can see map/enemies
  19. What is it with you and shardull saying stuff is "simple"? If it was "simple" then you could describe your idea better instead of using that word.
  20. Pretty sure SW does not have bugs enough for promotion to be counterproductive lmao
  21. COD had this; there were just multiple overlays of blood available and as you took more damage, more of them would be displayed at once. IDK how difficult/expensive that would be to add here, but I like the idea.
  22. Someone has suggested this before and the reason is because seeing names from long distance clutters your HUD. Maybe a good idea would be to add a hotkey like "L" (for "list") that when held reveals names of all friendlies on the map.
  23. impossybull


    Upload to youtube then post link
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