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  1. This will help a lot in lining up objects of custom sizes.
  2. Overall: Minecraft FPS: COD BO 1 or 2 (PS3) 2D: Don't play Honorable mention: GTAV
  3. If you just want to report someone for chat then the standard is to use the #report channel on Discord. IK you said your dad blocked Discord in your house or something though so either write in chatbox or General Discussion.
  4. Most map makers already take that into account. For example, there are shortcuts you can take on this map: if you slide into the boost pads.
  5. Prestige system is optional. If you don't want to do it, then... just don't.
  6. yes you can even do stuff like sway jump on boost pads, and superlaunch by sliding into them at the perfect timing
  7. Yeah go ahead and use some of mine. Especially consider using some that were on custom maps, like this video. My best montages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AALJZ-yEhOc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyJ2WvkoZIk https://youtu.be/5fKZNFMvxSQ https://youtu.be/B9myLCj_liA
  8. Blink be aware that there is a 100kb size limit for exported maps. Make sure you are not adding too much detail.
  9. Pretending to be staff or saying you have ban powers is not allowed in this game, or any game. Same with pretending you know or are a part of the dev team.
  10. Ok then write "Ban appeal" in ban appeal section, you can't read?
  11. Ok then write "Ban appeal" in ban appeal section
  12. IK OMA has a lot in his plate but I'm just sayin that I'm really waiting for the map editor update so the maps can look very good. Right now only map that does not have "prototype" feel is P1u. I have plenty of footage from playing on my old, detailed-texture maps but they are not in the game rn so.... yeah can't really add them to a trailer.
  13. Lol "20 per weapon" it's not MW3 lol Having a few unique skins per gun would be enough. I had a couple suggestions on what to add but it seems OMA is going for the more unique skins, not stuff like old-school COD camos. I suggested adding like a "digital blizzard" skin to the AK47: IDK how to do that in Unity tho
  14. YES wonder why.... like OMA said, you can not use glitches to your advantage and they are right to complain. P.S. "bug or a glitch" is I think one of the worst post titles I have seen, we appreciate the report but come on man Because you kept swearing in chat 😑😐
  15. Same kid, this is only 1% of the BS he has tried to tell me:
  16. lmao that kid again.... Literally HOURS since unmute he opens his mouth to BS... If you look in Admin Abuse section and also chatbox, the account "AMAZING" is the same person. Respectfully speaking, that kid seriously has something wrong with him
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