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  1. yeah something like this is kinda what i was thinking would be useful as most of the variants of suppressors are sorta useless. something like this would take a long while to develop though so i dont imagine we should be seeing it anytime soon. would be really interesting though since it would allow for dozens of new combinations (id want two of these slots, not just one 🙂) with all new ways to play and new metas to be birthed.
  2. oh yeah i had this gripe as well, i have no idea why that was changed to begin with, its a bit monotonous.
  3. Anansi

    hold up

  4. This has been brought up a lot of times (even by myself), but the issue that OMA says is the reason he wont add it is because there might not be enough player interest to make it worth developing.Another issue is that there isnt enough maps made by the community that would support this game mode. Maybe in the far future though.
  5. based off of the name i could guess it was probably something like "nigr"?
  6. I pretty much agree with all of this lol. i especially think the l96 needs a buff though because atm its practically impossible to get a one shot kill with the influx or random/new players every other day.
  7. this is common in SW. best option is simply to type !hide to disable chat or ignore him. If he persists with this behavior next time you see him you should definitely bring it back here again and im sure an admin will deal with him.
  8. Anansi


    nibbas whomst use MG4 with extended mag
  9. issue is the networking solutioin from what oma says if im correct (i THINK i am)
  10. OMA himself said that he would have to do everything manually and that itd take a lot of time. said he would rather not. Maybe we'll have this info in the future but for now doing it this way is sorta the only way we can 😕
  11. yeah this is kinda a problem as is for people who want to figure out which weapon is objectively better than others. the best bet youll have at finding these stats (and the same answer youll probably get from oma) is to go into the training mode and use the dummy target the measure damage and compile all the weapon info into a spreadsheet.
  12. same here lol, fell off map n died. little console thing came up on the top right of screeen after
  13. chances are they heard you. i played with virgin slayer and he was an average player at best. If you look online for SW hacks the most youre gonna find is scripts not walls and i can tell you for a damn fact that there is nobody making cheats for this game because the main demographic of this game is high schoolers/middle schoolers player on their schools PC's who cant even create a .txt document. Oh, and use OBS or something to record your gameplay whenever you suspect someone is cheating.
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