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  1. chances are they heard you. i played with virgin slayer and he was an average player at best. If you look online for SW hacks the most youre gonna find is scripts not walls and i can tell you for a damn fact that there is nobody making cheats for this game because the main demographic of this game is high schoolers/middle schoolers player on their schools PC's who cant even create a .txt document. Oh, and use OBS or something to record your gameplay whenever you suspect someone is cheating.
  2. Anansi

    Question for OMA

    lol, since im banned from chat i have to ask this here: is the info for account registration availiable?
  3. ^^^ btw please make sure nothing from the original map editor be missing.
  4. UI Overhaul would be nice in the future though but rn priority is on other things as far as we can tell.
  5. has anyone else gotten this? i just got this for the first time (after over a year of playing) and it felt reallly strange since i didnt even know you could get a "megakill" 🙂
  6. As a person who has used it since 1.2.5 I'd say its fine if you're willing to put in at least 20ish minutes to figure everything out. Having something of a tutorial option for new users might be nice but other than that i woulnt say that its difficult at all the learn/use. Additionally though i think some sample maps which are known to have been practical in game would be nice since it would give more of an idea to new users as to what works and what doesnt.
  7. having this feature makes flicking a lot more tedious.
  8. 1)i think that'd be fine and really encourages people to adapt the way they play to have more emphasis on positioning and not just making plays which are more unpredictable 2)i personally dont see a point in this as it would only make slowing players down when being shot feel redundant 3) i dont actually see TOO much of an issue with this but do keep in mind that it would all (in some instances) for players to get into positions that they otherwise wouldnt be able to. whether you see that is good or bad is up to you. I personally would keep it to a minimum though and wouldnt want SW to turn into quake or unreal tournament with their rocket jump things lmao 4) the only games that have this sort of mechanic (aside from pubg i think) tied in with accuracy. Ex: you move more the less accurate you are, the less you move the more accurate, if you arent moving at all then you maximize your accuracy.
  9. first i would like to adress how some ladders have the issue where you could get stuck if youre not positions centered enough such as in arena 2. Having adjusted accuracy while on ladders can prove to be to be OP in such cases as the "pipe ladder" on arena 2 where you can pretty much see the entire map and expose no more than your head. if using ladders is a risk then it could potentially encourage players to utilize tactical grenades as well as balancing certain maps more.
  10. Anansi

    Banned me

    in any event, you shouldnt be killing yourself when youre in a live match. If you want to experiment with such things simply create a private server and if you cant do that, go into an unpopulated region server.. ie, anything other than eu amsterdam
  11. hmmmm i guess. i guess for now there isnt much that could be done to change it all things considered. I'll see how my viewpoints change within time as the game either grows/changes. thanks though ig
  12. Please buff the l96, since most of the players that I have EVER encountered are new this really only makes the l96 even more useless. over the course of the week it was somewhat rare that i'd find myself getting much kills with the l96 due to at more consistent damage output of ~154 @2m. i recommend setting the base damage to about 170hp and setting damage dropoff at about 20-40m in order to have this gun be practical in its current state.
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