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  1. Since me, impossybull, and OneManArmy were trying to find out if damage assists work correctly, we had to shoot each other multiple times, but we didn't know who was who, and who needed to shoot the other. I was thinking we can add something like an indicator of your enemies' names after you keep your scope on them for a while. Just like Counter-Strike has. Of course some wouldn't want this, so it would be smart to be able to turn it on or off, just like the new update with the hitmarker sounds. This is what I'm thinking of.
  2. Already fixed? Okay that's good, I didn't see it in the changelog earlier. And thanks for listening to my suggestion.
  3. I know OneManArmy just made an update and you wouldn't want to reinstall the game for the third time this week, but this is just a little suggestion I've been thinking of. When players spawn with 150hp, or they just have over 100hp in general, you can get a kill assist up to 200 points. Sometimes it glitches because of all the mixed pings (both low and extremely high) and you tend to get a kill for 100 + a kill assist for +150. I think that getting a kill assist higher than a normal kill is pretty absurd. Not everyone will get headshots constantly for it to look normal. So my idea is, how about the kill assist is worth HALF of what you damage others? Instead of the max being 200, how about the max is 100? You damaged someone for 70, someone else stole your kill, but you still get 35 points out of it. I think that if we keep the kill assists the way they are, multiple people will be able to get huge amounts of XP on just one person. Just a little suggestion to think about.
  4. Thank you 🙂
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