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  1. Oh i have 43 hours of play time, and i am only rank 31 rip
  2. Revenge bonus, if i get killed and i kill the player that killed me i get 50 xp revenge bonus
  3. Ah yea i forget the ping issue
  4. I dont hold tab i release it but it doesn't go away
  5. When i constantly click on tab it doesn't go away, and it seems like it only works in recon. i can make a video if needed...
  6. A pistol that comes out of a red box that can shoot a bullet that heals you and your'e teammates if they touch it. (It makes a circle which heals the players that are standing in it, doesn't count for the enemy)
  7. YodaGames

    juliom10 Q&A

    Sniper or assault?
  8. A crossbow that has 3 (or 1) exploding arrow/arrows, a bit to OP but ok
  9. Adding challenge list that changes every week (or month) like get 150 headshots or 200 kills, rewards are random, something like xp or weapon mods. And also a special challenge for people in prestiege 1 and higher.
  10. Owh i am realy sorry i didn't know
  11. Uhmm what have i did that i got a ban? I always use this name in games but then i trough about a new name! PS: i did'nt noticed it because i stopped playing 😅
  12. new weapon ) Crossbow, a new weapon for recon
  13. Version 832743.0943.94


    Idk i am new so i made a banner for this clan hope you guys like it
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