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  1. Version 6.6.6


    Hey guys. i am really proud how big GG now is... keep it up and beat OP for me...
  2. making a container full of these things so u cant escape from it....
  3. yea, this can make the game crash i assume?
  4. can someone explain what happend xD?
  5. what happend: https://streamable.com/ntlupq how: https://streamable.com/pv21o7 rip mapeditor: idk-8/11/2020
  6. Version 1.0.0


    in this file u can find GG discord link, here is it too: https://discord.gg/9JaHmJz
  7. whats wrong with these ppl
  8. YodaGames


    my birthday😇
  9. 2 players named HeatSeekers and Multiyigit where swaering the whole time and saying nigger, very annoying and they wouldn't stop
  10. not needed yes... but pretty helpfull, and u can disable it in settings if u dont like it?
  11. abbility to always show the nickname of your teammate, enables and disables in settings
  12. my blue dot site is yellow, is this normal?
  13. you need to register a account in game, the forum account is not connected to the game (rus) необходимо зарегистрировать аккаунт в игре, аккаунт на форуме не подключен к игре for example my account on the forum has a different that in game (rus) например мой аккаунт на форуме отличается от того что в игре
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