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  1. Some from a trickshot lobby with Agent 138 Also no audio i guess
  2. I don't know if you can see player models but I have this too Skillwarz 2021-03-30 16-45-19 Trim-1.m4v
  3. Whats the lowest reaction time you guys can get on https://humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime? Here's the lowest i got after a couple tries: Also bonus points for the lowest single try
  4. Yes auto reload is already in the game but it reloads after you try to fire with zero bullets in your mag. I was suggesting that it should auto reload after you fire your last shot instead. Its mostly a problem for the L9 when you unknowingly have 0 bullets left and you try to engage only to be met with a reload
  5. The option already exists and you can knife/nade/switch weapons during a reload with no problems Skillwarz 2021-03-21 13-59-25 Trim-1.m4v
  6. You can switch weapons at anytime during a reload with no delay and there's already an option to disable auto reload anyways
  7. Guns should auto-reload after firing the last bullet rather than staying at 0 bullets until trying to fire again
  8. Some smokes and grenades for popular maps. Feel free to reply with your own Prototype 13: Prototype 10: Prototype 13:
  9. Just gonna be posting some of my clips here every so often Here's a couple from a 1v1 with SayemAftab:
  10. I use max You could blame a bad day on your mouse pad being too dusty lol I can't count the times I've knocked my drink over trying to hit flicks 😅
  11. The problem isn't the person downloading but the person who is uploading for them. The one downloading will have their game freeze and be forced to alt-f4 because of the hosts' poor upload speed
  12. What in game sensitivity/DPI do you guys use? I use .88 with 400DPI and 0 aim sensitivity
  13. 2021-03-07 20-50-38_Trim.mp4
  14. You can now download and play an early version of the map Demo: Download:
  15. Version 0.1.0


    Singleplayer movement practice
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