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  1. Spraying the default spray on proto20 causes fps spikes for anyone who looks at it
  2. Walking off of assets/objects causes a weird slowdown and sometimes results in being stuck, think it might have something to do with the angle you walk off at
  3. I think this one will be the last for bit, I'm tired of looking at the M107 lol
  4. Very stylized, solid color is an interesting choice
  5. Unfortunately I lost the project file so there's not much I can do anymore unless i remade it. Guess I'll have to remember to upscale on the next one
  6. They should be the same unless you mean the stripes or the color maybe?
  7. Heres something more like CS skins. Resolution can be unforgiving with CS skins having immaculate detail and quality
  8. What style are you looking for then? Almost all the current skins in game are just camo patterns.
  9. Here it is, pretty nice pattern
  10. Just finished one of probably several custom skins for the m107, hopefully one will be good enough to make it in game someday. Plasma Rifle is the first up
  11. Its for practicing aim like the training mode we already have but instead of just an open field for you to shoot bots you could design maps to practice different shots or grenade throws.
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