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  1. I don't have anyone to demonstrate with, it's simple to replicate however, just press reload and hold a claymore out before finishing the reload. Your character will be holding the claymore like a pistol from the third person for as long as your holding it.
  2. 1) You can see players through this ceiling/floor by crouch jumping in the underpass on TDM proto 12 [See video] 2) You can pickup packages with drones by simply flying through them with it, though I'm unsure if this is intentional 3) If you play the reload animation and hold a claymore before it ends it causes a visual bug with third person animations (Holding the claymore as if it were a pistol) There are also a couple more game breaking ones that should probably be said privately Untitled 2.mp4
  3. In this situation they already have middle, giving a vantage point over your spawn, even assuming you're actually able to sneak behind them they have 175 hp and enough time to turn on you or gain cover. There is no countering someone (especially with perks) having twice as much health as you unless they're an overall worse player, which is why I've said a few times that there is too much weight in middle. It seems the community is indifferent to it or fine with the current system so I don't expect change anytime soon. Maybe this will become less of a problem as the general intelligence of players increases.
  4. A perk is an additional advantage given to a player, it should not be a requirement to have one for the fight to be somewhat fair (and again even with it would still not be fair). If the intention of perks is to act at as counterbalances then the counter to extra health would be a perk that does more damage to healthier players, however this would only convolute balance. 150hp would be a good point as it is what noobs who are barely able to hit walls were reduced to awhile ago though I admit it is different since they were just given 200hp for nothing.
  5. You shouldn't have to dump your KD or enable a perk to have a fair fight (they could still easily have more health than you even doing this) with someone when they already have the most powerful position. If you use this 'strategic' suicide bombing its likely the health pack would be back between respawning, even still yet they would be in the more powerful position. Teams can be pretty useless at times since people like to pile on the winning side. My suggestion would make it harder for pub stompers not impossible, Julio would still be an exceptional player. There currently is too much weight and momentum being placed on middle. As for changing respawn timers on the packs, this is an alternative but still allows players to have more health than what I would say is fair. A lower cap on health would be a similar path to my idea while still mediating with your ideas and could work out better than my original suggestion.
  6. Skill based jumps are good but require more effort to do without altering existing maps (Maybe won't be a problem with new map editor?). Risky placement is decent too but it seems negated by the risk being less than the reward, as the player could potentially already have 150+ health. Both these ideas would still be in play with my suggestion but with a better direction towards balance.
  7. Health packs should restore health and not beyond the starting amount. Middle is naturally the strongest position in maps, having a player holding the strongest position and having an endless depot of health that makes them twice as likely to win gunfights makes it overpowered. I suggest having health packs only restore health to the starting amount. This would make winning the gunfight from middle come with the reward of getting another chance to have a 100% fair battle rather than giving them a 50% or higher chance of winning their next fight. With the current system it makes balance more difficult, at least from what I've experienced. My suggestion would likely mean a buff to health packs, having them give 100% health always. What do you think?
  8. I was banned permanently by AntiCheat for "bullet hack" while in shooting practice with bots. I had no external programs running and i believe this to be a false ban. I think this is caused by a current bug with training mode and the perk extended mags which causes the game to give ammo to the players magazine when ammo boxes are picked up, thus resulting in a high bullet count and the anticheat to think it is being edited with foreign software. Someone else had this issue a few weeks ago https://community.skillwarz.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1131 Player: Mynameisnt
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