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  1. Blues


    L M A O btw i mean trying to get away with hack accusing is one thing but "fuck jews" "fuck niggas" is just asbolutely inacceptable
  2. I dont agree with Shardul at all i agree that it may have been unbalanced for a while but you have to just do some trial and error to make somewhat balanced teams because everyone has bad and good days so you cant just say player a is always better than player b etc. if he would make teams obv unfair at the beginning of the match and leave it like that for 1 full game or more then i could get behind sharduls point but at this moment i dont think there is enough "evidence" since the screenshots only show 1 moment where it may have been unbalanced not proving that it has been like that the entir
  3. finally my prayers for a burst weapon have been heard
  4. might not be enough for a chat-ban/mute or tempmute straight away but ya might wanna keep an eye on him
  5. Screenshot below i guess that says all, i warned him (sort of) but he went on to say the n-word and team flashed me
  6. Have also been thinking about it, would be nice to give the higher lvl/prestige players smthg else to grind for
  7. for the memes is it not obvious? 😄
  8. i saw it but the giant wall of text made me nope the f out of there 😄
  9. Hi, i decided to check out Skillwarz again and noticed that in the shoutbox Impossy mentioned a Bora 12 Sniper Rifle?? Are we actually getting some new weapons? Hyyyyype. Have a nice day 😄
  10. Blues

    juliom10 Q&A

    do you use aim trainers and if so how long per day?
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