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  1. i would maybe preffer a 2 shot burst but that generally sounds like a good idea
  2. Hey, in my opinion this game needs more diversity in the weapon choices available because for example with the rifles i only see the ak and m4 beiing an option for the players that want to absolutely go hard and dominate the scoreboard but just adding another ar wouldnt help much aswell i think it would maybe change the meta to a different gun and thats it. Therefor i am suggesting to add a Burst Rifle ( maybe smthg among the lines of an an-94 or an as-val or smthg like that really (maybe even another m4 variant that has burst mode)) the idea would be that they dont have the highest dps in the world but for sure have an advantage in the accuracy category because i recently found that the spread can be quite annoying in mid to long range fights but on the other hand you could argue that the snipers would get pointless then howether i dont find the ars really winning alot of gunfights on long range anyways (from my observation) after all this is just a suggestion but i do think the game could make good use of perhaps a whole nother weapon category to add more diversity in the weapons used Stay at home and dont get the Coronavirus thx, have a nice day 😉
  3. Yo calm down over here i doubt it is nice of an admin to go at a user saying this is your warning but you will not follow it anyways it seems very overbearing to me
  4. to be fair he did ask me if i was ok with the punishment but i replied it is his decision just wanted to make it clear that i didnt intend to criticise the admin
  5. anyways even if mynameis mute wont be shortened i think it would be beneficial for the admins to be more transparent about ban/mute lengths and perhaps create a chart of fixed ban/mute durations for specific actions
  6. case i was reffering 2 was docnito
  7. It wasnt the goal of this topic to get his mute lifted it was just overall questioning the ban "consistency" and asking to shortenm his mute to 1 or 2 weeks because other very very toxic people got only a 1 week mute for saying stuff like "nigger" and go "go kill yourself" over and over again
  8. Ask other pople you know what they think about this case and tell them to write a small reply just like you did i think that would really show the admins that the community that they try to protect with the rules fully supports the punished player in this case and possibly make them change their mind about the mute
  9. With due respect my 2 cents i am not gonna write some long text or smthg but i just want the admins to reconsider the mute length of mynameis since other people that have been muted for hardcore toxicity (like DocnitoSpree1 for example) only got a 1 week mute howether mynameis who had no bad intentions at all who was at best annoying gets the mute with the comment "unban him in february". I would say smthg like a chart or anything relatable that lists the possible punishments for certain things would really help in situations like this since the ban length really is so much longer compared to other cases that were much worse Have a nice day
  10. I often play in the same lobbys as him (with many other higher lvl players in) and yes i can also confirm that at times he may be a bit annoying but overall its very clear that he has no bad intentions at all and just wants the game to be fair my personal advice for him would be if the teams are unfair and you are on the winning side just swap by yourself and when you are on the loosing side see it as an extra challenge because when challenged you will improve faster
  11. 0:18 - 0:20 what are these pink playermodels? lol
  12. Awesome Havew a nice start into 2020 🤗
  13. Generally speaking multi kills etc. should be maybe a bit easier to achieve
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