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  1. Blues

    juliom10 Q&A

    do you use aim trainers and if so how long per day?
  2. Blues

    juliom10 Q&A

    m4 or ak
  3. Hi, i think it would be a good idea to add leaderboards to the aim practice mode so you have something else to play if u dont find a lobby or generally if u dont wanna play multiplayer for some reason
  4. Blues

    Ban memory hack

    define "program" if it is some sort of dll injector or cheat engine or anything that looks and writes into other processes or injects code into it and you had it running while skillwarz is open then thats prob what you got the ban for ps: by memory i meant RAM and not scanning your whole harddrive i doubt oma would do that for privacy reasons
  5. Blues

    Ban memory hack

    the game probably scans in your memory for known signatures that have to do with game hacking for example dll injectors or generally anything that can hook onto other games and maybe even inject more program code into that specific game (internal hack) or an external program that tried to read and or write into skillwars process (external hack)
  6. how the fuck do you guys all do that XD
  7. mate you need to clean your laptop ntgl
  8. there also quite some popular top free fps youtubers on pc *hint* undercoverdudes *hint*
  9. yeah forgot about that
  10. Hi, i recently again met a dude in game who was low lvl and immediatly pissed off that i was apparently way better than him screenshots of chat below he was lowkey toxic but eh whatever i kinda get his point therefor i am asking you guys to get your friends on the game aswell so we maybe can get atleast more lobbys so players have somewhat of a choice what game to join instead of it beiing a sometimes only 1 or 0 lobby situation for gungame and deathmatch as an example maybe one day we have enough players to make OMA implement sbmm but that is just not the case right now sadly
  11. probv should have double checked mb 🙂
  12. i mean if he doesnt already track headshots it would have to start counting at 0 which might screw up people that already playeed a lot really hard tho
  13. Title pretty much says it all i think some stats like this would be cool: - Headshot % - kd in last x days - Winrate
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