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  1. this guy lagged right in front of me so i made it a video
  2. lmao yeah, people killing each other at the same time is a thing in sw and its actually pretty common. i've never seen someone complaining about the movement. you can ask basically anyone about it and they'll say otherwise Even if you have high ping, you should still move smoothly Maybe its your pc. Try lowering your setting a bit and see if it gets better (ik this is not related to networking but i've seen people believe low fps = network latency) Note: if you can ,pls send a screenshot of the meshes expanding 😁
  3. Oh ok. Can you send a screenshot of how you got configured the PlayClaw's settings?
  4. Well thats pretty laggy 😁 I see you play on 1366x768, try lowering your resolution. Also, try lowering your graphic settings, bc i see they are not low enough. If this doesn't help you, try using a different screen recorder or close some stuff in the background. Can you screenshot and send what settings you have PlayClaw? Did you play smoothly ingame?
  5. What i meant is that a lot of these toxic players are low-ranks and they usually quit after spending a few hours in the game.
  6. Well, you clearly didn't get the joke so imma be nice and give you a little hint: look at what i quoted
  7. Cool, i'll make sure to check it out when you upload it 👍
  8. Wow, thats interesting. I didn't know about some of those. Thank you!
  9. Yeah, voice chat would be cool, but idk if that's possible
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