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  1. -If someone says a lot of offensive words in chat, warn that person. -If someone says really offensive words, temp ban that person. -If someone says a number of offensive words, send chat data to an admin. -If someone says offensive words, censor them. Basically that's it. Some things might not be as important as others. I think it would be a really neat thing to add to the game, as some people won't report a toxic player because they don't know how to do it and that player gets away with it.
  2. For me it's only this in the main menu, the rest scales fine. (640x480)
  3. You mean this fps kit?
  4. I downloaded the game today. I opened the 64 bit version and the game opens, but i can't do anything. The same happens with the 32 bit version. I attached a video of the problem. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I also attached a screenshot of the Itch.io page from where i downloaded the game. It happens everytime i run the game. I try to click everything but nothing happens. Bug Skillwarz Linux
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