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  1. Search on Google play store fps multiplayer games. Most of the games has over 100k download's even some bad games that are not fun to play.
  2. If skillwarz mobile download size is under 300mb or 200mb and support's low end devices more people will download this game
  3. Shooter games like cod mobile and pubg mobile has over 100million downloads.
  4. I can try to make weapon skin's if I have the 3D models.
  5. men20

    juliom10 Q&A

    What is the first game you ever played in your life
  6. men20

    juliom10 Q&A

    What's your PC spec and in game settings like sensitivity
  7. Adding water will make some maps look cool
  8. When I was making this map I didn't have internet to download skillwarz and test the map.
  9. register first in game than try to login
  10. I'm just waiting for the map editor. I have so many ideas.
  11. You should write skillwarz is also available on PC in main menu or something so people will try the PC version if they're interested playing on PC.
  12. So you think if skillwarz mobile launched it won't be popular?
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