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  1. I think if skillwarz comes on mobile it will be more popular
  2. How abort infection mode? I think infection mode will be fun in skillwarz
  3. OMA if you watching this pls tell if 10 player battle royale will work with small map
  4. How about 10 or 20 player battle royale mode on decent small size map with decent pickup and drop inventory system. I would love to make battle royale map but how to download map editor
  5. I can't for skillwarz on mobile 🔥🔥
  6. Ads to support this game and make it better
  7. Player's can earn in game currency by playing + watching ad's to buy weapon skins + character customization in shop
  8. Cod zombies has bad controls. Cod mobile controls better but it takes time to get use to it. You can play skillwarz on PC if mobile controls are hard for you
  9. Cod zombies on mobile the controls are trash
  10. I'm a decent mobile player I play pubg mobile with 4 fingers. you have to download cod mobile or pubg mobile to understand mobile controls. when pubg mobile was in early access the controls was really bad they made the controls better with player feedback
  11. Pls release skillwarz on mobile. First release in early access to test touch controls more.
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