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  1. I'm going to do some bigger changes in Map Editor when it goes to voxels.
  2. It doesn't fit the game's style. Moreover, logo should be transparent (to make it easier and faster to use).
  3. Could you send me an example image asap? For me everything works.
  4. Try to monitor PC resources in task manager while using map editor and then tell me the results.
  5. I thought that integer float bug has been fixed... I'm going to look at this. Also we are working on fixing the first two bugs with OMA. "Place image in images folder, doesn't show up in editor." Could you tell me more? (extension, file size, resolution)?
  6. Version 1.0


    Mario style texture pack. Requires editor version 1.2.8 or newer! Installation: 1. Extract texture from archive with one of many activators like WinZip, WinRar, or 7Zip (free). 2. Paste extracted texture into Map Editor data folder/Texturepacks 3. Launch editor, create map, go to Settings -> Texturepacks and choose custom texture.
  7. This second is exaggerated ( I just wanted to cite an example ). Thanks for answer 😄
  8. Everybody knows the feeling when you spawn on a certain position, and then second later another player spawn there. Because of the fact that he has 1 sec more spawn protection, you are on a lost position. The idea is, before the player spawn game should check all of the spawn positions and find the position from which players are furthest. I don't think it's hard to do, and thanks to that the match will be played all over the map.
  9. Okay, understood the problem 😄
  10. Lately I was thinking about light sources and ambient lights and I think that map editor is going to have it in nearest future! OMA decides what props are in map editor (he sends me models, and I add them), so this question should go to him. For now sound sources aren't my priority, but maybe some day they will be added. Thanks for your advices! Edit: OMA wrote, that adding lights isn't the best idea. (Optimization)
  11. You mean that texture has different rotation depending on cube face?
  12. Welcome everyone! Version 1.3.0 of SkillWarz Map Editor has been finally released! Download: Here If you find a bug or have some ideas/suggestions, please contact me, or write down below. Changelog: CLICK ME Update video: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB5iw77nqrk[/youtube] More about texturepacks Texturepacks are stored in editor's data directory, in folder called "Texturepacks". You can change map's texturepack in object editor mode -> map settings. Texturepack is an image that follows a few rules: * Size: 1024x1024 px * Extension: .png * Background color: black * It consists of smaller textures which size is 128x128 px Example texturepack can be found here How do passwords work? If you want to set the password, press settings icon in objects editor mode, and then type a password. (Same window as for SEGI and snapping). (In editor) If you save a map with password, you will need to type a password before loading this particular map. If you want to remove password, simply leave the password field empty and save the map. (In menu) If you type a wrong password, or leave the input field empty, you won't be able to edit anything. If map doesn't have a password, you don't need to type anything in password field in menu. Hints: 1)Don't set the password unless you share your map to the public. 2)Store 2 versions of your map: with password (for public) and without (in case you forgot it) Controls: Basic: |||Escape - Main Menu |||F1 - Save map |||F2 - Load map (if exists) |||TAB [1,2,3] - Change editor mode [voxels editor/objects editor/terrain editor] Objects editor: |||Scroll move - Change object to place |||Scroll click - Place object |||Delete - Remove focused object |||Left control + C - Duplicate focused object |||Left control - Enable snapping |||LMB - Focus on object |||E - Open/close props window Voxels editor: |||Scroll move - Change texture to place |||Scroll press - Change texture to place to the clicked one |||X - Change voxel type |||B - Player preview mode (Press "B" again to come back) |||Q - Change voxel placement mode [one tap/brush] |||One tap mode: |||||||RMB - Place block |||||||LMB - Destroy block |||Brush mode: |||||||RMB down - Mark 1st position for brush [placing] |||||||RMB release - Mark 2nd position for brush [placing] //After this move brush is supposed to start placing blocks |||||||RMB down - Mark 1st position for brush [destroying] |||||||RMB release - Mark 2st position for brush [destroying] //After this move brush is supposed to start destroying blocks |||Block copier mode: |||||||Left mouse button down - Mark first position |||||||Left mouse button up - Mark second position |||||||Right mouse button - Copy marked structure in given position with air |||||||Middle mouse button - Copy marked structure in given position without air Terrain editor: |||LMB - Raise/paint terrain |||Mouse Wheel [Hold] - Lower terrain Thanks for reading!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Hello! Today I want to show you map that I've made recently! It took something around 7 hours to finish from texturepack, research, to the last entity. I created it to show you what you can do using only tools available in map editor! It's not 1:1, because map is based on screenshots. Note: Bug that renders texture borders on each voxel has been fixed in version 1.2.9, small preview is visible on the screens.
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