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  1. After playing the game for a hour i stumbled across a hacker who goes by the name of BerserkIND. He seems to be able to shoot through walls, skip reload, and is constantly swearing and raging in chat making the game not as fun to play. Date - Sunday April 12, 12:00PM
  2. Yes I get the “Application cannot be opened” error. I just watched he video you tagged in your earlier comment and I’ll try following that tutorial and doing it on SkillWarz. But im pretty sure I’m doing everything right. I should be downloading it from itch.io right?
  3. Yes I went to your itch.io page and downloaded it there. Then I follow the installation process and try to open the app and it doesn’t open, it’s gives an error.
  4. Yes! I tried installing it by downloading the package From itch.io and it gave me that error
  5. Because when I first started playing this game I was on macOS Mojave and then it would support 32 bit apps like skill wars but then I upgraded to macOS Catalina and that only allows 64-bit so I couldn’t play anymore. Finally now I was able to build a Linux PC to run skill wars and multiple other things that did not work on macOS Catalina and played on there but it’s very low spec. I want to play on Mac again but I can’t until you make it 64-bit . I’m playing it now because I finally have a computer that can run it but not well.
  6. Thank you for unbanning me. But are you saying that if Humicbeast cheats again I will be banned? That’s not very fair. Is there a way I can avoid be banned if he cheat again?
  7. I am a hardcore SkillWarz player and recently upgraded to MacOS Catalina but now SkillWarz wont run! i believe its because Catalina only accepts full 64 bit apps. Could you possibly add full 64 bit MacOS Catalina support? I was devastated when I realized the incompatibility and how hard it is to downgrade OS's. plus i have friends with the same issue so please reply with help asap! Thank you.
  8. so pretty much i launch the game on my old Linux pc after i realize i cant play on MacOS Catalina and i appear to be banned? First of all it says my username was "humicbeast" which its not, its "Wolfystrider" and secondly i have never used any bullet hacks! the only thing that might look like hacking is my terrible internet which makes me glitch out. Please I love this game and would never hack on it. awaiting an un-ban
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