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  1. In Brazil, when he calls someone "monkey" (so that he insults the victim). means: Your black animal, Donkey and black. The easiest way to curse someone is when others cannot understand the reference from indirect cursing to the victim. Anyway, I'm just suffering from these problems, when I enter some rooms in Skillwarz. and just wanting to do my part to help and keep the community "cleaner". The old saying: If everyone does their part, everyone will have their place. I really like this game, and after work and long lonely nights, this game came to save me
  2. Anyway, it was an insult and an act of racism to meperson. I apologize, but my intention was not to mention "the whole Brazilian community" in my horrible translated English. If this were true, I would be in this environment, wouldn't I? I believe that these two people should suffer some punishment (according to the skillwarz rules [if there is one]). With respect! of course.
  3. translate of: preto = nigga macaco = monkey nigga chupa minhas bolas = suck my dick
  4. My nickname is Skull. I play and I really like this game, since some years. however ... like any other game, the Brazilian community is very toxic. is always spoiling the fun. so, a game that does not have a reporting section, ends up making some fies / silent players (like me) give up playing more and more. it is rare to find a "Brazil" server and when we find and enter, there will always be some idiot, making enough fun to spoil the fun. This is not the first time, but ... I am tired of this happening and I really want to do something to help. He
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