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  1. Well you might be right and they may be different, but if they are then it's a pretty negligible difference. My problem is with how much FOV I'm losing when I ADS. Red dots represent an approximation of the 4 corners of my FOV when I ADS, I estimated it based off of the ADS picture so I acknowledge that it is not exact, but I'm also sure that I'm not far off. Regardless, look at how much FOV I lose. I think the blue dots should represent max FOV on an ADS slider (maybe a little bit more zoomed in but not much more) and red dots would represent lowest FOV when ADS. That way players
  2. Not sure about you but they all look pretty similar to me... Either way, I wasn't asking for different sights to have different FOV's when ADS, I was talking about a slider in the settings to adjust FOV while ADS, even if the sights are different. Especially for the holo/reflex sights. They currently zoom in too much for my personal liking and I think it would be cool if I could increase my FOV while using them and ADS
  3. Would it be possible for this game to ever have an adjustable ADS FOV slider in the future?
  4. 3rd video of my old clips is now on youtube, check it out and let me know what you think!
  5. Another day another upload? Check it out, leave a like if you enjoy it, and subscribe for more! 🙂
  6. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted SW content so I made a video of old clips I have but just never posted until now. Check it out if you'd like, and if you do then I hope you enjoy!
  7. I see what you guys are saying. In my mind an obvious solution for that problem would be to just set a limit of members per clan. I would say setting a limit to no more than 5-10 members per clan, but I'm not sure if the solution is that simple or if clans would actually respect that limitation in a case where it was not enforced. And we would for sure need to get rid of players having the ability to be in more than one clan lol. There's many things to consider and I know none of this is a priority for the game any time soon, but I find it fun to discuss ideas 🙂
  8. I actually think this would actually give people an incentive to work on and improve their game so that they might get picked up by a clan. If that's true, then the game could become more competitive overall because the average skill level of SW players right now is not great. Maybe it would also give players a reason to stick around and play the game longer. Also to address the clan xp idea and the problem with clans having tons of members having an advantage, maybe only the top 3 or top 5 members of each clan (members with the most xp) contribute to their clan's xp and the rest o
  9. 1v1 vs robertkk 😄
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