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  1. Check out the new video! 😄
  2. I think he meant if you shoot through smoke and kill a player, itll show in the killfeed like in csgo
  3. I personally think it would be interesting to try. Correct me if I'm wrong, but SnD/bomb game modes have been pretty much the same for a long time and switching up the game mode by adding something new could possibly lead to something great in my opinion. If it is fun, then Skillwarz will have more value because it will be unique. Ultimately, you have to give people a reason to buy/download something and offering something unique that they won't find anywhere else is the best bet. If this game mode is ever added and it does well, Skillwarz will attract more attention from fps fans because they will want to try it themselves and the game could become known for being THE game that revolutionized the SnD/bomb game mode. Maybe all of that is a stretch though, maybe my idea isn't even possible to implement into the game any time soon, but who knows? It's just an idea I wanted to throw out there and get opinions on 😄 Thank you for all of the feedback so far guys, and any other thoughts are welcome!
  4. 3rd and final part of my prestige 10 series is uploaded! Please go check it out, its a short video, thank you 😄
  5. Yes, I'm pretty sure editor maps will be used for it
  6. To reduce the chances of this happening, maybe the 1v1 respawn would close after a certain amount of time has passed in the round. Kind of how the gulag closes in Warzone towards the end of a game. This would make it so that not 4 people can respawn every round. Or we could set a limit to only 1 or 2 players being able to respawn per team per round. and yes you are correct, I am also a huge fan. But I meant to be more specific to Skillwarz. OMA himself said that he removed elimination mode because basically no one was playing it and then I think someone responded to that by saying that maybe SW players didn't play it because they didn't like not having the ability to respawn and prefer to play TDM where they can respawn. Thank you for the feedback though, you certainly mentioned some things that I did not think about!
  7. So I've seen that a bomb mode is planned on being added in the future and I think that is awesome, I look forward to playing it. I've been thinking these past few days about how Skillwarz could become a unique game and possibly become popular as a result of having some unique feature and I thought about an idea that maybe could be added into the future bomb game mode that might make Skillwarz stand out among other fps titles. The only problem is that I don't know how complicated it would be to add or if other people think it would be as interesting/fun as I think it could be. So of course there will be a blue team and a red team, and we know that players who die in bomb game modes like these traditionally don't respawn and can only spectate the rest of the round. I've heard some players say that they think these game modes aren't more popular because players don't want to spend time spectating, they would rather be playing so that's why they pick other game modes where they respawn (maybe that's why "elimination" wasn't more popular when it was in the game). My idea is to basically take COD Warzone's "gulag" feature or something similar to it and apply it to the bomb game mode that's planned for the future. How I think this should work is that the first person to die in a round from the one team gets to 1v1 the first player to die from the other team, 2nd player to die from one team gets a 1v1 with 2nd player to die from the other, etc. When a player dies they get teleported to a small map and have the option to spectate the game while they wait for an opponent. Each 1v1 has a 15 second time limit and of course if you kill the other player you win the 1v1. If both players are alive after 15 seconds are up, a flag or some type of objective appears in the middle and you can also win the 1v1 by capturing the objective. Both players could spawn on the 1v1 map with the same random weapon to make it fair and whoever wins the 1v1 gets to respawn back into the round, whoever loses is out for the rest of the round. The only player that doesn't get a chance for a 1v1 is the last player alive on a team in the round, if they die then the round ends. That's just a basic idea though, and there is still a lot to figure out if it would actually be implemented into the game. We would need to figure out where the winning player would respawn (on their teammate(s) or in the original spawn point), if they could choose/buy a weapon or could only respawn with a pistol, how this would affect the length of time of a round, and possibly many more things like naming it something other than "the gulag". But I think something like this would be good for the game mode because it will keep players much more engaged in the game even after they die in the round and this is likely to make the game mode more popular in the community and more people would play it. This could also make Skillwarz a much more unique game and could attract more players to the game and help it become more popular once it's time to release it on steam. Uniqueness is what this game needs before it is released on a platform such as steam, something that gives people a reason to buy the game, something interesting worth trying. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any popular games have a feature exactly like the one I described above. Warzone has the gulag, the inspiration of this idea but it is a battle royale, something completely different from a bomb mode. And whether or not any aspects of my idea are used, I encourage everyone in the community to start thinking of how to make Skillwarz a unique game that would give people a reason to play it. Anything unique about the game is better than nothing, so please share ideas if you have any. What do you guys think about my idea? I know it is not be perfect, but maybe you guys could help make it better with your feedback and your own ideas. Or maybe you don't think it is compatible with something like a bomb game mode. Please let me know what you think! Thank you for reading, Julio
  8. Part 2 of my prestige 10 series is uploaded, go check it out! Thank you 😄
  9. Brand new video is up now, go check it out! And please continue to keep in mind how important watch time is for all of us making Skillwarz videos 😄
  10. Yeah, I'm also wondering if there are any updates on this. I'm not part of a clan but I could loan myself to one for the tournament
  11. Thank you, Patrick! I really appreciate it 🙂
  12. juliom10

    juliom10 Q&A

    Hi guys, Lately when I've been playing in matches I've had a lot of players ask me questions in the game chat. This got me thinking and I've decided that I'm going to try doing a Q&A YouTube video and release it in the near future. I am welcoming any questions you guys may have whether it is Skillwarz-related questions, general video game questions, questions to get to learn more about me, or just random/fun questions, anything you are curious about I would love to answer. If you have any in mind, reply to this topic with your question(s) and if I get enough questions from the community I will make a YouTube video answering them. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you come up with some good questions for me to answer! 😄
  13. Hello everyone, I have created a juliom10 Skillwarz Instagram account where I will be posting game-related content including gameplay clips, pictures, and if you DM me a clip or picture I will post it on my page and credit whoever submitted it. If you guys have an Instagram, I would appreciate it if you guys followed me and engage with the content I post on there 😄 I'm hoping that this Insta account, along with my YouTube channel, will further help spread word of the game and attract more people so that our player base keeps increasing, but I need as much help from you guys as possible, so don't only follow but also please share it with other people too! Hopefully this will produce some good results! I will put my usernames to both my Instagram and YouTube below, please subscribe/follow me if you have not already 🙂 Instagram: julio.m.10 YouTube: juliom10 Thank you!
  14. New video is up! Crazy sniper gameplay! Before you watch, please take the time to read this: Thank you everyone 😄
  15. New video is up! Check out this awesome TDM comeback!
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