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  1. team stats: https://stats.foldingathome.org/team/261394 Peru MVP lol 😄
  2. I think it was 2x in webgl.
  3. The flag pole blocks everything! 😎 Though that looks like it should've damaged you.
  4. I'll add that the game allowed for more blue players to join so it was effectively 4v4 here:
  5. Equivalent of lol. You can google this...
  6. Realized now that you're talking about it again but 1 week mute? While I don't know I'd guess docnitospree has not been unmuted. Did I miss it?
  7. Hmm prototype 24 does have that pit that kills you. It should be obvious not to fall in it after the first time though.
  8. Thanks, now I will hear it in my mind when you say it 😄
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