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  1. Yea unlike COD, you can get plenty of ammo easily. If all you want is getting weapons at higher ranks then play. It's not like if you need a whole year just to get to rank50 or that the starter weapons are garbage.
  2. ok thx! will do it next time it happens
  3. weird.mp4 So just met this guy: NataNMEF ; he was under the floor on this map and even when he died he still could get under (he even showed it), not sure if he could get kills tho, his ping was around 300. Couldn't rly talk to him since he spoke spanish and didn't to understand english. Would like to know if it's a bug due to ping or a cheater. Either way there you go
  4. BnoIdea

    BnoIdea vids

    new vid go check it out thx
  5. Honestly, meh. I rarely check it, i do it only when ppl are saying "ns" to check if it's me or not. And that check lasts less than a sec sooo the display is long enough for me. I like that idea, an option to activate or to disable it would be good, even tho it's not that important right now.
  6. yea i agree a change might be great to those perks since right now i think they are kinda useless and imo picking them would be just waste one perk slot since there are other perks way more useful
  7. ah yes forgot to post it here, more screens on the discord if you want
  8. oh shoot sry didn't see that
  9. the third one radlax made a vid about it few months ago
  10. hmm not a bug, i think it comes from your side. A few months ago, this happen to me too, and the only reason why this happened is because my laptop wasn't getting enough air so it would overheat. So if it's not a overheat issue, then check if your gpu drivers is not oudated, check for dust on your pc (in short, clean it if needed), and try reinstalling the game (well i'm not sure if that last thing will help tho).
  11. Aaaaaaah you meant the UCAV, well yes. hmmm well no cuz those perks are kinda useful and adding them like attachments would just change everything. This kind of attachments are on games that don't have perks like on SW, So no Like i said check the patch notes, forearm dmg has changed and from what i've tested it's pretty damn good as it is right now. It's true that it's not logical, and if it were to change, just not lowering too much. Or else fall dmg would be kinda non-existent.
  12. -Colorblind mode -> why not-Sensitivity from misse should go up -> ?-Shoot while slide (Perk) -> no-New and nicer maps -> when the map editor comes out i'm sure we'll get incredible maps-three perks instead of two -> no-weak molotov (high damage but very low range maybe that u have three of them) -> yes but just one or two-caracter customisation (like men and female and maybe two or three uniforms) -> yes but OMA said it before, needs 3D modeler -cancel grenade animation -> why? i think that would be more of a negative effect on the gameplay-cancel reload whith rightcli
  13. ah well at least i learned something today: at least 2min of scrolling down and 97% of FPS games had more than 100k dl.
  14. well the best would be little icons like in csgo with the hs for example
  15. COD and pubg mobile got that much dl cuz COD and PUBG are famous
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