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  1. ah well at least i learned something today: at least 2min of scrolling down and 97% of FPS games had more than 100k dl.
  2. well the best would be little icons like in csgo with the hs for example
  3. COD and pubg mobile got that much dl cuz COD and PUBG are famous
  4. BnoIdea

    BnoIdea vids

    New vid go check it out thx!
  5. ty for reminding us that if you want to buy something you need money. i had completely forgot that
  6. So this happened today while i was recording. Not sure if it's rly that important since it's the first time i see it, and it disappears quite easily. I think it was cause by the sudden fps drop, that btw happened in game and it was not a bug from the record. I also have a high ping, if the bug is not due to the fps drop. skillwarz 2020-05-23 22-02-39-796.mp4
  7. So first my feeling about a bomb mode : i dunno why but i can't rly picture this mode in skillwarz but i think this is just me But more importantly about your idea: well yes but no. The idea is cool but it's not like TDM where you spawn you get killed by a guy camping in the corner and next time you respawn you know where he is so it's good. The enemy team can very well send one guy to camp close to the spawn to kill everyone who respawn. Random spawn, well i don't think i need to argue why it's dumb. Respawn where we die: not great, imagine you died at the start of the game on the bombsite and so you respawn surrounded by enemies. And respawn on teammate well idk. This might be the best idea. Maybe Battlefield players can say if yes or no it's a good idea. And ofc this idea would be only a second chance. If you win your 1v1 but die after respawn you're dead for the whole round. So that would mean 4 ppl being revived each round. Now that would mean lowering considerably the number of rounds per game or else games will last so long ppl will not even play this mode. hahhahaah The first CS came out 2 decades ago and it's still play by a lot of players today (maybe not as much as before but still). And why do you think Valorant got so much viewers on twitch and was played by almost every streamers on the platform? Ppl like bombmode The other specifications doesn't rly bother me but i just dunno if adding this will make the mode great to play or if it will just ruin it
  8. The reason why the community might seem indifferent is bc not all ppl from the game know there is forum and even if they do, if those kind of things are rly bothering them they'll just quit playing it. If you're here talking about that, that means you love the game enough to want to make it better. And so the only ppl you'll see here is or ppl like you wanting to make the game better, or rly good/god tier ppl that love the game (well it's normal bc they play a lot) and want to be part of the community. At least i think so. And you finish with 50/50, good ppl that this problem doesn't rly affect them and ppl not as active as the other half on this forum (at least from what i saw). And i'm more from the first half: good ppl (at least i think so lol). So this problem doesn't rly affect me cuz like i said in my first post: So i don't want to change something for one person, that would be completely dumb. But that doesn't mean i'm not ok with a lower cap on health. If this would actually happen, as long as it's not below 150HP, like i said earlier, i wouldn't mind that much. And maybe most ppl that play the game would like this change. Or maybe not. I dunno. So my conclusion of this topic: i'm ok with both the current system or a change.
  9. You know you want to disagree with me but you're saying the same thing as me. Yes, a perk is an advantage. And since it's an advantage, it means that you can use them to succeed at things you wouldn't have been able to do without them. Like for example: when you kill someone they can see your perks, so they know what perks you have and what advantages it gives you. So they'll use perks based on yours to kill you (when it's a 1v1). But when you die you can change your perks, accordingly to them, and they'll be surprise (normally). And so with perks you can surprise your enemy. Imagine you're playing against someone better than you. You're using strong arms and fast hands. Doesn't work that well. So you change them to silent footsteps and sprint. Then they won't expect you to be so fast and that you're already behind them. Until you shot, they won't know you're there and as long as you don't fuck it up, that's a kill. And so with that you have : a COUNTER to an enemy who's better than you. The advantage that the perk is giving is making you able to kill someone you wouldn't have been to without them. And btw it's not bc someone just started the game that they're noobs. i've already seen ppl being rly good even though they just started.
  10. Why ppl shouldn't have to enable a perk to have a fair fight? It's basically the purpose of perks and why you can change them during the game to counter things you wouldn't have been able to without them. But i agree that my advice isn't one that works every time. It's just a way to counter health thirsty people, that i thought about while writing it. So i agree that a lower cap is better than your original suggestion, and imo if we should lower that cap, i wouldn't go below 150HP.
  11. lmao so i came back after seeing a notification, and i just saw the URL of this page. The power of random lol
  12. I don't rly think health packs balance should be needed bc the game is already well balanced on this side and i like how it is now. Even though it's true that on P8 and P9 it's like super easy to get +50HP (just one high jump) and then hide right after taking it. But the other maps already are balanced (beside P8 and P9): on some maps it's easy to take a health kit but it's only 30HP, so highest would be 155HP; on others it's more risky to take one but you get 50HP, so highest would be 175HP. Like that it seems kinda high, but it's not, bc this actually happens if you don't get shot while taking the health kit. But the only three reasons i can think of you not getting shot while doing it is : or the whole enemy team died and they're respawning or it's sniper only or you're juliom10 (srsly he's taking the health kits way too fast lmao). So most of the time taking the health kits is to heal faster. But when someone is rly good and he's taking the health kits to get as much health as he can to survive longer, well it's not balanced but you can counter him super easily. If you're not prestige, just get a shit kd to have 150HP and if you are prestige take extra health perk. Then just rush that guy and at the best you'll need to die twice at least. Seems like some garbage advice to die twice for that (1 death to lower his health, 2nd to kill him and get killed cuz he's still better), but hey 2 deaths do kill someone better than you and reset mid position, it's a golden deal. And if you can't do this alone don't forget you have a team. And if this guy still gets mid easily, then he's just better than you and your team. And the only time i saw someone be that guy, well it was juliom10, so balancing health kits would mean "make it easier for people to kill juliom10". Oh and btw don't forget health kits have a respawn time. So changing that time could be a good idea
  13. oh so that was the mystery game thing, forgot to check, thx for having me remind about this!
  14. It can be cool but right now most maps aren't rly designed for wallrunning, so i can just think of 1 or 2 maps where this would kinda fit but not that much. Like for example COD BO3 had wallrunning and it worked bc most maps had places that you could only get through with wallrunning. So that would mean making special maps for that. And for how it works, the fact that you can't shoot while doing it isn't that good. Because with sliding you can't shoot but it's good to go faster and to take cover behind stuff. But wallrunning and you can't shoot mean you're basically an easy target for the enemy. So most ppl would just die while doing it. So just change that and it could be nice.
  15. Yea but we need to find someone who can make a good enough skin. But as said earlier a prize isn't that needed for the moment. Right now we need to get clans to answer: YES or NO to participate in tournaments. Then we can decide time, prize or no, advertising it, etc
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