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  1. bruh, anyone see that caraibi was on?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Long snipes from across the map, lots of camping spots. Hope you enjoy!
  3. ok, a little bit more understandable now πŸ˜„ thanks
  4. As this game keeps getting bigger and bigger there are more people who download the game. This means that out of all the new people coming into the game there are always a few that are good and play well from games they've played in the past. But when with the extra health they are given and there skills combined it gets annoying and it makes them harder to kill. So i was thinking that for players under rank 5 who play well will not get their extra health.
  5. Just something i thought of recently, Death match Elimination. Fight until the end, last person standing out of how many is in the lobby wins. To win you must be last person standing for as many rounds as possible, person with the most round wins takes the win for the whole match. πŸ˜„
  6. O, well i did say its would only show where ur teammates are on the map, where your teams claymores are and where sentry guns and UCAV's are.
  7. not sure if its a good idea or not, i just thought of it. A map up in the top left corner of the screen where the chat usually is, to open the map you would have to press "M" or whatever other control you want and if the chat is already open it would disappear as the map appears. The map would show where ur teammates are on the map, where your teams claymores are and where sentry guns and UCAV's are. So not sure if its a good idea or not but its worth a shot.
  8. okay, if you can send me a list of everything you would like me to test i would be happy to:D also wondering if it would be easier to talk on discord?
  9. hey OMA, i was wondering if it would be maybe possible for you to release map editor for mac with the next skillwarz update. After seeing everyone else's new maps floating around its sorta sad for me. But if you could bring out map editor for mac with the next update that would be great πŸ˜„ Kind Regards, wcoutts
  10. nvm, it must've been a server thing cuz now i open the game it worksπŸ‘
  11. oh okay, that might be the reason. but did ur game sometimes not even make it to the menu screen? Because thats whats happening to me :C
  12. not sure if its a bug or not, but after i login the game loads with the blue circle in the bottom right corner. then it just stops and nothing happens, don't know why its happening first its ever happened before
  13. now i think of it, ik it would take a bit of time but what if someone made a replica off all the prototype maps into medieval and when u go into create game there would be an option to pick "medieval maps" or "prototype maps"
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