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  1. now i think of it, ik it would take a bit of time but what if someone made a replica off all the prototype maps into medieval and when u go into create game there would be an option to pick "medieval maps" or "prototype maps"
  2. i would only change the damage of knives in knife only, cuz in another preset your going up against people with guns and have if you have to hit them twice it would be annoying
  3. Wdym hit u?, like still burning?
  4. definetly not with the next version of map editor but further down the track i thought it would really cool to have a burnt out car just for a different kind of debris
  5. Idk I’ve just got a years worth of suggestions and questions because the forum never used to work for🙃
  6. this is probably a rly bad idea but not bad enough to go in broken suggestions, but to be able to use a taser instead of a knife, it would be possible to switch from knives to tasers, like claymores and grenades
  7. Because u get HS bonus from everything to the head y not knife?
  8. ik, thats one of the main points XD
  9. as much as do not get an advantage from, i get an advantage from it
  10. because explosions r cool, people camp in smoke, people hide claymores smoke and people throw smoke like a retard on prototype 13. the use of flammable smoke could get more kills, more claymores destroyed, more century guns destroyed and when a UCAV flies over smoke throw a nade in there and blow it up. with flammable smoke u could get 250xp like an explosion kill. if this is a bad idea let me thnx
  11. another way to make it "more fun" would be to add random perks to guns when perks are enabled. it does not matter what rank you are either
  12. ok, just an idea. aahh lol whats a prone?
  13. would it be cool, or useful to be able to lay down and commando crawl with a sniper on particular sniping maps or camping spots? With this idea it would be possible to provide yourself more cover and harder to hit
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