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  1. this would be a good idea in the future but as it stand the most practical choice would to narrow the things we already have into something more predictable for something that can be consistent for the few consistent players we already have and to keep new ones coming. if you dont at least have that level on consistency in gameplay it can lead to players leaving because they cant find a match they want to play. I can tell you this from my perspective because i know there are certain maps i dont wanna play and i'll just leave the match if they get picked so i wouldnt be surprised if the same th
  2. version is still .70 . wait until the changelog sites said change. It has not been added yet.
  3. GGWP


    dude learn to know where the center of your screen is first and foremost and master the fundamentals of map knowledge, movement, and shooting. if you want to improve, another thing, you gotta understand that at some point your bound to plateau if you're being restrained by things like hardware (your pc, mouse, keyboard, headset Etc) so that if you want to get better by more than a marginal amount youll have to either settle with what you have or gather some money and get some better hardware which is usually a constant with those who're in the top ranks. A player by the name of litenite that w
  4. idk if map editor save size has any correlation to the size of the finished and exported maps (such as 15kb in editor always =5kb exported for example) but if it did would it be possible to have a "budget" meter in the editor that showed how much stuff can be added until the max export size to be playable would be reached? thatd be really nice instead of having to re export the map and readjust everytime.
  5. i believe he does actually. Just a rumor though i think
  6. sounds promising. At that point thought i dont see why the sky wouldnt be the limit and why things like terrain and such wouldnt be able to be brought in lol
  7. 50-60 fps gtx 1060 3 gb r5 1600 @3.7ghz
  8. already a thing, you gotta unlock the feature though. When making a match, next to the match name, will be a lock where you can set the password of your match so that friends can join.
  9. ingistically banned for being quick in shooting. I am a professional guitarist and have very fast fingers. Are you stalking me?
  10. agreed. i think there are plans for more weapons in the future with a high emphasis on the word "future".
  12. tbh if this was a thing you could get in the red box as a single shot nade id actually think its pretty cool, itd, be like a supped up MLG-40 nade that one shots and has a kill range of 15 meters that does half damage through walls. idk lol, its fine as is rn though
  13. functionality over looks first i think the priority is. i think things like this ALWAYS should have some sorta priority but right now the game just needs to be properly finished. im sure itll be added in the future though
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