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  1. i mean, of what use is the hp boxes then in that case? its supposed to be a perk, not a better substitute for something that already exists,no?
  2. Lowkey wouldnt mind this actually. There is already the hp boxes though so am not sure. Maybe 5 hp, 10 seems a bit much
  3. oh yeah, some of them are definitely general challenges, ig i just forgot to catagorize them. theyre sorted by level though because for some people having challenges that stay the same and never change can get boring and for some if theyre too hard considering theyre level. OFC though some of them are damn near impossible and thats why theyre called challenges. some of these are literally ripped straight from cod though so theyre definitely no impossible, you just have to be insanely good which is why i had the near impossible ones on ranks 26-50. The near impossible ones would be a general ch
  4. [Easy] ranks 0 -10 Get 15 kills in one game Play 10 games in one day Get 5 Headshots in one game Survive a gunfight with less than 10 health Get 5 headshots with the L96 (Throughout multiple games) Win 5 games in one day Login and play Skillwarz 5 day in a row Place Top 3 in gun game Kill an enemy with a single shot to the head (Throughout multiple games) Deal 1000 Damage in one game Get 20 kills with the AK-47 in one day Use the equipment box once in a single game Get 5 Kills while Aiming from the hip with a Deagle or L96 (Crosshair Disabled) Get 5 kills from 50+
  5. working on a list. Im gonna try to see if i can do a list of challenges based off of rank.
  6. maybe as an extra game mode, yes. as the default game mode, hell no. the issue is that most players that play this game either don't have a good pc or don't have good ping which can make the experience horrible if there is a fairly high level player in game. Now in general i wouldnt think this to be a half bad idea neither, not taking into account the majority demograpic of those who have lower end pc's, but another massive issue with the idea of a one shot to kill mechanic is that about half the player base does not get ping lower than 100 which can make, in some instan
  7. which nades are you talking about? impact or timed? timed are fine imo if you know how to use them properly.
  8. yeah i mean thats fine lol, im just saying that a thing like this would be nice
  9. i feel like if a larger map size was to be implemented the best way to do it for maps over 200kb-ish would to not have the game start or anything unless it is a private match so that only those you know who really want to play the map can. This will still allow people who really wanna go all out to make massive scale map a reality and not just a nice view on the editor itself.
  10. well considering that the word "closer" was one of the words that was censored i can see that some other things can have the same unintentional effect. so long as its looked at on a case by case basis and censoring of found non BWF words are fixed i dont see why it shouldnt be a thing. im not saying its a bad idea, just that there might be some rare issues if at all.
  11. the bad word filter really is an inperfect system rn and may censor things that arent actually bad. not a good idea atm i think
  12. GGWP


    its planned. gun skins anyway, idk about knife skins. ig it'd be cool, particularly in the current knife mode.
  13. i dont necessarily think we need voice actors. in csgo its just various noises to represent what each ping does. in this game anyway itd be nothing more than pings for "caution", "enemies", and general ping that just marks a location.
  14. not at all. a single feature doesnt make a game a tactical shooter. its just a really useful feature that people want because they dont wanna make a million compromises.
  15. lowest i got was 164ms but averaged 190ish
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