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  1. yeah hopefully soon well be able to see a whole library for those who make skins to have at their disposal. would be amazing
  2. yeah okay thats actually really good! good work, keep it up!
  3. btw im sure it is but make sure that you dont use ANY copyrighted material for the skins if you want them in game. make all the skins from your own work.
  4. looks reallly nice. gonna have to cop asap if it comes out
  5. how tf do yall make em though lol, i really wanna get into this lol
  6. i think it looks nice. simple n clean. i know it "can be made in minutes" but i think thats the charm of the op's first post, its quite pleasant to look at and has a nice finish. i would use it much more than any other skin in game rn personally
  7. i think for this version its worth seeing whether or not it will work in sw before placing it in some mode as a side feature.
  8. i think ui changes in the future(any point in the future that is), are something that should for sure be on the list but right now i think the focus should be on gameplay. its functional right now and right now thats all thats really needed.
  9. i promise you if im able to top frag with the m110 then there is no reason why you cant either. additionally, if your argument is essentially "why should i use this when THIS is better" then at that point we'd literally all be using the same guns but we dont because each gun has its own niche, its just whether or not you decide to use it as such EX: M107:close-long range/superior damage[all]/high recoil/slow fire rate when accounting for recoil at certain ranges/high recoil recovery time. L96: medium-long range/ good-excellent damage[bdy-hs]/ low-medium recoil/ ver
  10. a bigger mag would be nice tbh. other than that its a good gun as it, if you can land the headshots its an amazing gun. keep in mind that your gun is only as good as your use of it lol.
  11. yeah tbh, i wouldnt mind this along with reloading. shooting would be a bit iffy but knife and reloads sound fine to me. hope they get added in the future.
  12. i dont like. maybe add zombies mode(or even battle royale)
  13. sometimes whenever im for the enemy i can literally see their gun sticking through the wall before the peak giving me a big advantage. im sure that, at this point, you already know that but just wanted to let you know to see if there are any plans to fix this.
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