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  1. btw the kill throught smoke thing would be like . forgot to mention it lol
  2. its case by case. i personally like to use smokes more than most people in this game and with the tight corridors and the fact that you can see tracers its not that hard to do and can be done easily. i think its less of a case of how often does it happen and if people can make it happen. its not very common but it could be useful for spectators or even for seeing if someone is cheating. for this to work though the entire player must be concealed by smoke as to where their legs feet or anything else ISNT showing.
  3. btw sorry about those line going throgh the text, idk what happened there πŸ˜•
  4. i think it would be useful to have info included into the killfeed like these: No-scope[NS] Smoke kill enemy killed while flashed[F] and something which is already in the game but headshots [HS] so basically you could hypothetically get something this long: Player One - L96 - [NS] [F] [HS] - Player Two
  5. probably not to be honest. if you want to gain extra speed n what not you can (somtimes) do a slide and then flick jump right after on a metal containers, i dont know why this works on them but from my experience it works nicely. you can also do the same on ramps and inclines and it will pretty much work all the time. since youre new you should know that flick jumping is something that is VERY important in SW and can often be used to get in crazy good spots as well as allowing you to move around alot faster. in sw, in my opinion, movement is just as important as shooting your gun. GLHF!!
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