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  1. Thanks for the tip buddy, I'm not new to jump strafing eheh ;D i used to play a game called Urban Terror based on Quake 3, the speed in that is all behind the strafes. I'm figuring out here as well! Thanks everyone for your response, looking forward to meet ya in game 😄
  2. Cool! Didn't know that, now I'm wondering what else I'm missing! Thanks OMA. Guess wallrunning it's not going it happen then?
  3. IIRC on bo3 it's a very "powerful" move, not the same thing I'm proposing, not sure as I haven't played it... They way I thought about it is basically an option to get over small obstacles without climbing, or traverse the map in a more unique way without being unbalanced while offering choices. I didn't see many games with a feature like that! I should specify I'm not a console player though! Thanks for replying! 🙂
  4. Hi all, new to SW but old timer FPS lover! I found this little gem yesterday and i had great fun, i'm trying to get my CS team to play it as well. Either way, given the pace and the abilities already in place i think wall running would fit perfectly in SW; Yes, i have searched the forum and found the poll; I see why you don't want people flying around but with the right limitations it wouldn't be overpowered! For example: You can't do a vertical run to climb a wall, it only works on side walls You run the same distance you can slide You can only go over obstacles that you could climb with a single jump You can't jump off the wall after a run You can't "chain" wallruns i.e. jumping from wall to wall; You go the same speed as a sprint You can't shoot while doing it, same as sprinting You can't ads or you'll instally fall, same as sprinting Being short it doesn't allow you to travel to unexpected areas and players should be aware of fall damage; Not being able to go straight vertical will not break the gameplay as well It would just be a nice addition and contribute to the "hollywood" feeling you get when you slide, if you know what i mean. Also imagine sniping someone while he runs on the wall towards you, wouldn't that be great? I can accept a "no we're not making" but i would love to discuss it ^__^ Either way, keep up the good work! This game deserves more player! Red out, peace
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