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  1. TemiAryibi for starters! And then head up the tree (if you can beat him) XD Good luck!
  2. This looks awesome! Well done!
  3. Nice! Great little detail!
  4. This map looks fabulous! OMA, are you going to redo all of the maps?
  5. Nice map! Looking fantastic.
  6. Ok, Thanks Impossybull! Yeah I wasn't sure.....
  7. OMA, the (Joking) is a American expression. Sorry to confuse you. It was me being sarcastic, just to clarify.
  8. I'm going to look at getting OBS set up soon.
  9. OK, I can't video, but I will try to take a pic of him if I see him again. I'm not hating on him, because honestly he wasn't doing well even after he shut the Hacks off yet somehow his K/D is above 2
  10. Hey! So unfortunately I wasn't able to get a Screen-Shot of this fella due to dying so much....lol. His name is favela just like that. Agent138, JoltingJoe, and I couldn't see him as he was on our team - all we saw was his player marker tag. The enemy players would run right by/through him without seeing him. He said he was having "problems", but really what PC problem would make you INVISIBLE to everyone? He said he would try disconnecting and reconnecting and Boom! 5min later when he got back on guess what?!?!?!? NO HACK! definitely a connection or PC problem. (Joking) X
  11. Hey! So I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I have more friends in this game than there is roomπŸ˜‚. On top of that 6 of them are my relatives. Is it possible to make the friends list longer? Maybe max it out out 25?
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