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  1. I failed to understand these respected members complaining about mute length. We all know mynameis a good player, we all asked him to enjoy the game as is, he still continued the rant unfortunately, i am playing this game since a year and honestly he's discussing balancing since a year. He can still play the game and enjoy it just like before, play as much as he want to, but please let him learn it in this short period of time. I bet if he plays for a couple of weeks on as-is basis, he will like it and may never ask for balance in upcoming games. Nobody wants this discussion for a next year or so. This mute is reasonable and i fully stand with OMA and amins. Please give this balancing thing a welcome break for atleast few weeks, i beg you all Thankyou
  2. And the balancing annoyance continues Attached screenshot is of an ongoing game right now
  3. With due respect my 2 cents All these new screenshots 'bombarded' by 'mynameis' prove once again his dictation and obsession for balance, it's not just me but everyone faces this in almost ALL GAMES he plays. He still stands his point and will still call for balance in upcoming games, can any admin please save us from future annoyance for sometime? will greatly appreciate it. Let us all take a break for this Balancing fiasco for a while PLEASE ? Having said that, we all play against the same players without thinking much of balance. Even the new comers play the game as-is knowing that they are going to lose. It's not a war where we have to be in the best team and win all the time, its a game, a few minutes of entertainment we all should enjoy no matter if we win or lose - its fun!
  4. A mute is long waited however its sole discretion of admins to take that decision However, i think if he is muted even for a brief period of time, it will make him play the game on as-is basis, he ll start enjoying the natural balance/unbalance i believe this way and may not complain after a while He is a good player though
  5. Hi, This thread is to highlight the issue of a player 'mynameis' who continuously directs players to change teams to attain an absolute balance. We all know that absolute balance is never possible, one team will always be a little stronger or weaker than the other one but he rants it in all games which is quite annoying. I have politely told him many times to enjoy the game but this is really annoying to discuss this in every game he plays. Any admin that can tell him not to bombard with swapping and balancing instructions in every game? PS: I don't record or have all the screenshots but we all know he do this all the time, i got 1 screenshot though Thanks
  6. Flash can be seen at bottom in screenshot1 Flashed out in screenshot2
  7. BebyYoda continuously friendly fired me throughout the game and flashed me, i warned him he still continued, screenshots attached Please ban him
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