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  1. Isn't it redundant when Anti-cheat is in place and is working fine? If still someone accuses a player, he need to provide the proof not the accused, as per the law
  2. akhuram

    RIP MacOS

    There are minor black flashers (horizontal lines) on my non retina imac as well with this recent update. This never happened since im playing (a year or so)
  3. akhuram

    RIP MacOS

    The same imac (5K) have boot-camp(ed) windows 10 and the windows version works flawlessly on the same hardware. I will still search it
  4. akhuram

    RIP MacOS

    Playing this on mac since ages and it works fine. Actually the game is made in unity, which is a cross-platform game dev framework, the developer can easily port a game into windows and mac versions and there is a little chance if windows version works, mac version won't work However, @OneManArmy my brother's 5K imac gives black flashes when he try to join a room and he had to quit the game, it works fine on my non-retina imac Regards
  5. New version have solved this problem Thanks
  6. Ah so now i see the 'update version' message
  7. Still down for me after many restarts
  8. The game is not working for me today. When i open it, after the login window, nothing appears when i log in. It shows loading sign for few moments then it also disappears. Are servers down?
  9. Never asked for a mute here, just putting it into your attention. Hopefully you will talk to him Regards
  10. An admin should refrain from putting their feelings first and instead go for the evidence Yeah will do that Thanks all
  11. Hi Admins, I want to put your attention to a player with username 'maybe', he often gets salty for no reason. This time i got few screenshots where nobody said anything to him yet he was saying words like 'corner pu**y' etc to me Please have a look at screenshots
  12. This has also happened with me as reported in another thread
  13. akhuram

    Spawn bug

    Whenever a team mate or enemy (in case of DM) is spawned at the same spot, there is no collision (may be spawn protection for few seconds) and we move our ways instantly, however, in this case, he was kind of spawned at my head (i felt like that, you can see in the screenshot i am at a height where we usually sit), my movement or sit/up keys were freezed, so this is a sitting position at spawn with collision on and i got stuck at half the ground, could move mouse and click to shoot but nothing else. frame rate was ok i was playing a normal game till this double spawn. I suicided and resumed my normal game again Regards
  14. akhuram

    Spawn bug

    Hi, In a recent gun game, i was spawned with my teammate on the same spot, he could move normally after that where as i got stuck in a sliding wall right in front of me, that lead me to see through that half wall and when tried i could have even shoot the enemy, re-spawning was normal and wasn't able to reproduce it. Attached screenshots might help devs fix it Thanks
  15. I failed to understand these respected members complaining about mute length. We all know mynameis a good player, we all asked him to enjoy the game as is, he still continued the rant unfortunately, i am playing this game since a year and honestly he's discussing balancing since a year. He can still play the game and enjoy it just like before, play as much as he want to, but please let him learn it in this short period of time. I bet if he plays for a couple of weeks on as-is basis, he will like it and may never ask for balance in upcoming games. Nobody wants this discussion for a next year or so. This mute is reasonable and i fully stand with OMA and amins. Please give this balancing thing a welcome break for atleast few weeks, i beg you all Thankyou
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