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  1. akhuram

    Code XZ2n

    Hi, Today I downloaded new version and when I start the game, before loading screen, the game shows a code and crashes Regards
  2. Hi OMA, There is something regarding the updates I don't understand When I started playing this game a couple of years ago, double jump was introduced (with gravity), on the next update, double jump was with a bit less gravity value and eventually it was scrapped for a very very long time. In recent update I witnessed a humungous non-gravity double jump which has again imbalanced the game just like it did a year ago The question is - why are features being toggled? In an update we see some maps turned into night, on the other they are turned back into day - what's the point? I acknowledge bugs are being fixed and they are not apparent but has the new features development stopped? because we are just seeing toggling of stuff nowadays bundled with implicit bug fixes Kind Regards 🙂
  3. ...Adding to the original post... With the algorithm in place, the least we can do is to flash a message for strong players in strong teams that their teams are heavy or they 'should' consider switching Repeated sighting of these messages may create an awareness and a will for balancing
  4. Hi OMA and Admins, Being an old player and a programmer myself, I have a suggested formula for balancing for your kind consideration. Problem Balancing has always been a problem and due to low player base we can't put restrictions on rooms e.g, only <25 level players can join this room etc Implicit Suggested Solution 4 vs 4 match is going on.... Ranks below... Team A [10, 20, 5, 44] = 79 [Sum of ranks] [Weak Team] [1 Good Player] Team B [49, 50, 42, 12] = 153 [Sum of ranks] [Strong Team] [3 Good Players] Sum of Ranks ratio 79 vs 153 or 34% vs 66%, Gap > 20-30% so it qualifies for a Implicit switch Swap lowest player of Team A (Rank 10) with a highest rank player of Team B (Rank 50) Teams after an auto swap Team A [50, 20, 5, 44] = 119 Team B [49,10, 42, 12] = 113 51% vs 48% Discussion This auto swap will be conditional, will only occur when all conditions are met. So it will be rare but a small step in right direction It's yet to decide how this swap will happen, usually stronger teams' stronger players are not dying, so no change to auto swap them at spawn. Any chance of live auto-swapping with position resetting? OMA can tell With time, new conditions can be added to the balancing algorithm that may favor the new comers or weaker teams Regards
  5. Amid Covid-19 lockdown all over the world, this game is the best gift. Play all day long for free! Thanks OMA
  6. akhuram

    RIP MacOS

    There are minor black flashers (horizontal lines) on my non retina imac as well with this recent update. This never happened since im playing (a year or so)
  7. akhuram

    RIP MacOS

    The same imac (5K) have boot-camp(ed) windows 10 and the windows version works flawlessly on the same hardware. I will still search it
  8. akhuram

    RIP MacOS

    Playing this on mac since ages and it works fine. Actually the game is made in unity, which is a cross-platform game dev framework, the developer can easily port a game into windows and mac versions and there is a little chance if windows version works, mac version won't work However, @OneManArmy my brother's 5K imac gives black flashes when he try to join a room and he had to quit the game, it works fine on my non-retina imac Regards
  9. New version have solved this problem Thanks
  10. Ah so now i see the 'update version' message
  11. Still down for me after many restarts
  12. The game is not working for me today. When i open it, after the login window, nothing appears when i log in. It shows loading sign for few moments then it also disappears. Are servers down?
  13. Never asked for a mute here, just putting it into your attention. Hopefully you will talk to him Regards
  14. An admin should refrain from putting their feelings first and instead go for the evidence Yeah will do that Thanks all
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