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  1. it starts randomly, i dont have any AV, it happens until game ends usually, no smoke isn't causing it, in smoke its only 2-3 FPS drop. and it only happens on linux, win is running it fine. P.S: Sorry for late reply😬
  2. check if it happens again...i guess something was updating in bg? and it restarted to install it. or sometimes if your RAM and CPU are at 100% countinuesly (you may feel game lag) OS restarts itself sometimes. im not sure about it..
  3. i also face random FPS drop sometimes, yes i'm low-end PC but i get 60-70 FPS usually on custom-lowest settings. but it just drops randomly and fluctuates like 70-15-40-20-45 like this every second. and then after some time it fixes, and i've checked cpu/gpu usages, btw it's not a ping issue
  4. rA9

    Unable to Chat

    i've never spammed :|, its a bug not like feature kinda thing, it just doesn't work and i have to reconnect to server, my friends were also facing this issue.
  5. rA9

    Unable to Chat

    Sometimes we're not able to send messages it randomly happens and happens alot, i have to reconnect to server, and i didn't fond any triggers, it's very common so sorry if someone has already posted it.
  6. i tried it's same as others, and if you have a 1.44 Ghz i5 and i have 3ghz pentium 4 doesn't mean mine is better 😐 , btw i use FRAPS to record it very light weight try it.
  7. Pentium 4 3.00Ghz 4 gigs of RAM ATI RADEON HD 5450 (just got it some days ago) Intel 82945G Express Chipset (integrated on board graphics) 500gig HDD Win 7 SP1 Ultimate
  8. Minimum i series cpu hmmm..... IT'S NOT FKIN LOW-END...i have PENTIUM 4 and THAT'S what CALLED LOW-END.. 😐
  9. Well It's really good experience, I also have motion sickness but i don't have much problem other than VR games X( , it looks weird that only gun is moving..
  10. When we run, player's gun is moving(i mean the animation of gun while running) but when you see the actual camera(first person) it's stable, if there's like a bit turning left and right as he moves his legs(like it's in minecraft) it would be great.(sorry if someone has already posted it.)
  11. it's not a bug :|, as you lower resolution pixel decreases so it's obvious to go some things out of screen.
  12. i'm on windows, and maybe it's because i have that square monitor, πŸ˜• still it would be good if i could adjust size of gui :v
  13. Problem: Whenever i lower the resolution (bc of lag, low-end pc) i can't see score-board nor the server selecting in menu properly, it goes out of screen from both sides, so it would be real nice to have GUI Scaling, Thanks you.
  14. SKILLWARZ ADMINSHIP β€’ Name: Rohan β€’ Age: 17 β€’ In-game username: rA9 β€’ Experience as admin in other games: Call of Duty, CS 1.6. β€’ How long do you play this game: 3-5 Hours. β€’ From which country you are: India. β€’ What's your native language: Gujarati. β€’ What other languages do you know: English, Hindi. P.S: there's one issue, i will not be able to record as i have a low-end PC. but i'll make sure to take screenshots when necessary.
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