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  1. Yes but the point is not to make the M107 less used by long-time players but less used by new players... In effect loads of new players use to spam the weapon and so grow level very quickly which, at my opinion, destroy a bit the level up system: - There is the ones who just use the M107 all the time. - And who don't use it and so level up less quickly than others. I find this a little bit OP... Second solution wpuld be to nerf the M107 a bit? Like a little bit less damages or a little bit less BPM?
  2. Hmm, Maybe the perk should give you ammos for some kills. And that would fit well with another one that'd give health for kill?
  3. The purpose of the perk is to increase the bonus we already have...
  4. Hi, I had the idea of a new perk called Veteran. That would increase the xp levels insome cases: - 1 kill = 100xp - 2 kills = 300xp - 3 kills = 500xp - headshots = kill amount + 100xp - 1 grenade kill / claymore kill = 210xp - 2 grenade kills / claymore kills = 400xp - 1 knife kill = 300xp (as before) I think that would be good to be unlocked around level 15 or 20 to make it a bit "Beginner Friendly". Let me know what you think of it in the replies.
  5. OoOps wrong topic to post it ^^' can an admin switch this topic to Ideas and Suggestions please?
  6. Hi, I had the idea to switch places of M107 and M110 for a better equilibration. In effect, the M107 should be unlocked way after level 7. It oneshots in torso even with 200hp and is way too op for beginners. Beside, the m110 deals about 3 to 2 shots in torso to kill and one shot in the head. I think that switching the M107 to level 31 and M110 to level 7 would make more sense as it would also bring the m110 a bit back in the game. Let me know what you think of that in replies.
  7. Or duplicate the leaderboard in itself. Kinda weird bug but I don't think it's difficult to fix...
  8. There is also CC0 Textures which is a really good website for high quality textures.
  9. I think so... I also don't find dirtyness would look like that... Also, why would it be bad to have a bit more detailed icon? Maybe you prefer something like that? And if you don't want to change the icon, just say "I don't want to change it." and done...
  10. That'd look like that... with vignette
  11. Ahhh. Didn't think about that... BTW, what about the same logo as rn, but with a smoky effect? Like that?
  12. This one is actually pretty good tho !
    Very nice looking map! Looks like you took a long time on details and features as much as gameplay tactics. May you provide more screenshots?
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