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  1. Im rank 48 or so but when i prestige then it would be nice but ur the creator so its ur decision wether or not it should be in
  2. Why would it be op? Wether the guy who died or the guy who picked it up have the weapon makes no real difference. I would find it cool as option like perks which you can turn off when creating a room
  3. Would be really cool because you could kill somebody who is higher ranked as you and take his weapon to use it before unlocking.
  4. It always bother me, that you can just write while playing and not while the waiting/map voting, because why not.
  5. Ignore this one i havnt read the changelog at that moment so yeah forget about that point
  6. I know it would not work but i always have that struggle which perk i should use because there are too much good ones
  7. I didnt mean that u get less falldamabe but that the falldamage is in littler steps. Right now it feel somtimes like u get 0 falldamage from the one spot and then 30 falldamage from only a little bit above so i dont want u to change how much falldamage u get but to do the steps of it more little
  8. With sensitivity for missle i mean that flying thing u get from the red boxes idk how they are named so i used a random word i guess yeah kinda dumb Killstreak reward - wen somebody pick up a red box then they have this as well but so that u get any reward better that some points so u feel good if u kill some people With weapon attachments i mean like big magazine or quick reload which is already inside the game but as perk so u can take fewer perks for movement at the moment With hitbox improvement i mean the thing i mention later also that u get on the arms the same damage as
  9. And with the reload canceling yeah u can cancel it with knifing but if u reload and then see someone you can be 100% sure that ur dead if u have nothing to hide because the knifeanimation take also time
  10. It dont effect me negative and i dont think it effect at that point anybody negative but these suggestions are mechanics inspired by other good games and color blindness is one of practical options for obviusly color blind people which would be kinda usefull in a big game so now it is not nesessary and would be in this moment waste of time but maybe anywhen later in the end colorblind option is in this monent unnessesaryđŸ˜‚
  11. I know map editor is coming i dont say that these things have to be in the game now but just how I and jokezjo would find it better. That C4 got discussed i didnt knew but these are as i sayd everything i would like in it. With weapon attachments i dont mean silencer or the perks but like that you can do like big magazine(i know it exist as perk but so you can use perks for other movement stuff) or stuff like that. The kniferange would be sure better a tini bit higher but you are right with that high pingplayers its not smart. Double jump is opinion based and i love it and others not so idk
  12. Yeah but it these afe too much suggestions and im kinda lazy so i postet more than one
  13. -Colorblind mode -Sensitivity from misse should go up -Shoot while slide (Perk) -New and nicer maps -three perks instead of two -weak molotov (high damage but very low range maybe that u have three of them) -caracter customisation (like men and female and maybe two or three uniforms) -cancel grenade animation -cancel reload whith rightclick (aim) -that you can hold the granade in the hand an then it exploses quicker when throwing -C4 -fourth pack which give u granades back or that u get granades also from ammo packs -the red packages from killstreaks (5 kills=missle 8
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