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  1. Megadeo

    Wall Bug

    Oh yeah I remember this thing. One guy went through a wall and someone else said he was a hacker and threatened to report him until someone else explained what happened.
  2. I played in the standard mode and did not see any crosshair. Is something wrong? Sorry to come off as an idiot but I have no idea.
  3. Thanks a lot. This really helps.
  4. Yeah well that's fine. I have no issue with that. You're the boss after all. I watched gameplays of Juliom10, RobertKK and ImpossyBull and I was so impressed. I really don't have a problem with the game mechanics, I just want to know how they aim like a master, that's all. I'm just asking for advice on self-improvement, not criticizing the game.
  5. x Yeah but that's not the point. I can't tell where the bullet's hitting without scope. But maybe that's just bcoz I'm a noob.
  6. I took a break and started playing Skillwarz once again after some time. Now I'm remembering why I love this thing. However, I'm not so good. In other words, I can get better. I find it difficult to aim without scoping (hence the reason I asked for crosshairs in a previous post), which of course, is disastrous. Do any of the pros have any advice to offer?
  7. Whoa. Thanks a lot. Love the game btw.
  8. Can there be crosshairs for everyone instead of making it a perk? Or can there be some other way for people who don’t have crosshairs to aim without using scope. Just asking.
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