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  1. Ah yes sorry I meant watch the channel I didn't make that clear sorry
  2. I'll get one to u asap although its 50htz/s
  3. Itsvevery time I rec its laggy but I'm god when not rec BC there's no lag so it looks bad
  4. EMSire

    BnoIdea vids

    Here's a snapshot from an upcoming bid guys xD
  5. That f9 guy was also nasty xD
  6. Not for me I'm lvl 25 xD and nice marketing technique impossy 😄
  7. it's times like this I thank god that I have Windows 10 Pro
  8. Hay bales, small houses, horse carts, shipping containers, any of these sound good? XD
  9. ok clearly we have some very respected members of our community and I felt like a good way to show appreciation is an awards event where each top player writes a speech and Everyone comments their stories about that player and then those players receive a custom spraypaint or skin. Let me know what everyone thinks
  10. EMSire

    Admin query

    Ok I will do whatever it takes even years 😉 and I subbed to like 30 skillwarz channels xD
  11. Maybe we could do a solo tournement with two teams at the end made up of the finalists and the winning team get a mention on the forum.
  12. I see and with my moving permanantly to England becoming more and more definite considering I have my stiff moved here now and have no intention of seeing my father again the chances of continuing to see my IG friends is promising as I don't know what I'd do without ppl like juliom and I you if u r EU but if there is exponential increase in players as in thousands I feel like the forum the servers and the community would fall apart BC it would be mobbed
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