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  1. Seems pretty hostile to me in the several interactions we have had already, not really worth posting here as far as I can tell. Thanks for explaining stuff though @impossybull! 👍
  2. Ah okay I see, yeah I haven't seen any issues as far as bleeding in the new one. Well I'm excited to see what becomes of this editor, how close it gets to the old one without the drawbacks. Looks like there was some cool stuff but not worth those drawbacks.
  3. Didn't know there was harm in having the idea out there, I won't bring anything else up unless it's important.
  4. Oh for sure, I'm sure many people don't have much need for it so it should be optional. And no, not important. Just a quality of life thing, I see though that those are not of interest here.
  5. Just a quality of life thing but this would be helpful for people, I think. At least you would know who is next to you.
  6. Yeah see and I have no real knowledge about that kind of stuff. But if you couldn't adjust the texture size, that would definitely be a problem. I'm still pretty new and didn't get a chance to use the old editor myself but it sounds like it had some drawbacks.
  7. Well I only said "bug" because I'm confident we didn't hit the 50, though I think it's possible we just were too fast at times. Either way, that was the only time I had it. Never hit the cap before. Still, at least for spamming, would it be possible to have a system message let you know? I understand people abuse it but sometimes, especially like that 1v1 lobby I was in, we were just having a conversation and apparently triggered it.
  8. Pfffffff that's it!? ALL those? Lol no those like more than enough for 99.999999999% of people, I can't imagine how much more anyone would need. I think what I was thinking of adding is stupid crap like putting my TBG avatar in a corner or like painted on a wall, the little stuff that is completely for vanity haha. See though, honestly that map would be too much for me I think lol. Like I definitely stick to the smaller maps, I really dig how frantic they can become!
  9. Yeah I guess so. I play on my TV so I keep everything pretty small, I miss stuff sometimes but bringing it up isn't hard or anything. More just a convenience thing, guess I'm the only one lol
  10. Even if it were above the head like the allies one is? I can definitely see how when it's in front of the body but I personally don't have any problems with the allied nameplates.
  11. I wonder why, I can't imagine it would be unpopular. I would also think it's all that hard to do in comparison to other ideas (I say with no actual knowledge.)
  12. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS! No but for sure lol. I think the concept looks good but I get why it doesn't work, maybe I can throw on a Halloween costume and take some sexy photos for it 🤷‍♂️
  13. I see what you mean, okay. I'm interested to see what you end up doing with it for sure though, I like it so far and I'm getting more comfortable with it. I don't know what kind of textures you guys have lying around but I'm sure they are more than enough.
  14. Sometimes when things really pop off, I and some friends find it hard to keep track of everything sometimes, plus it may just be nice to double check after. I've added two polls but they are related, would anyone else like the option for a slightly longer killfeed display? And would you like the ability to call it up freely, perhaps the last 10-15 kills? Maybe it could even show up when entering chat, so the enter key calls them both up! This may seem like separate ideas but I feel like it relates, perhaps it could be an and/or situation. Would these things be able to be implemented, would the
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