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  1. Zapper


    Lenni4129, I did ban you for 1 hour, because called me something with "...biggest pussy..." in it, as a parting insult. You're a sore looser, a coward AND a liar : there were only the 2 of us. Cheers. P.S, found the screenshot
  2. sry, here we go: - no feedback from other players, some just left - happend in the midst of a game, I typed that text about k/d ratio and then the whole game froze and the counter was ticking down from that huge value - gave up and left the room thx
  3. In the midst of the game, suddenly this... had a nice k/d ratio btw :-/ Z.
  4. You were warned, went into another room WITHOUT changing your tag... 8h ban... Think, and learn ;-)
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