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  1. I think all of them are a little to detailed. A simpler style like this would fit better IMO.
  2. i really like those ideas ^^^
  3. I didn't think of boosters, smh... why even are there people who do that? It just ruins the fun
  4. yes, achievements. why? so you have more to do than to shoot everything you see (not that there is anything wrong with that😋 ). There have to be easy achievements and hard achievements, so that new players can complete them too and so that it is not boring for players who play a lot. 'Easy' achievements can be rewarded with some xp, harder ones can (for example) be rewarded with an unique weapon skin, an unique scope, an unique spray and maybe even an unique color clantag?! You decide what is 'easy' and what is 'hard'. I also was thinking that prestiging won't reset your achievemen
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