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  1. Phrax used to call me "noob" cuz I prestiged twice and had like 10:20 d/k (I don't remember), he used to call me that like every match he see me. So I hope u think about what u have done and have fun not doing this things anymore.
  2. We are all blacks We are all the same We are all humans
  3. Black lives do matter, this stupid racist guy like emilis, I hate this kind of people 😡
  4. How dare they say something like that to my two bros Yoda and ninja I hope they get banned cause I thought sw is a friendly game lol
  5. My bro Yoda has the same ideas as me 🙂
  6. Maybe we can just leave it like it is 🙂
  7. I got the joke, I'm not stupid my man don't worry
  8. The question is why are you still here? Just to suffer? XD I mean we are talking with each other what about you?
  9. Oh good idea bro your a genius every time I suggest something stupid you turn it to a good idea -_-
  10. Actually you have a point. Now I feel useless for the 100 time -_-
  11. It will be cool to have instead of a website have an app like Discord to communicate and do all the things that this website do. ???
  12. Yeah but there is not all the weapons like you don't have deagle
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