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  1. no has pensado en tomar cursos privados? veo que tienes un buen uso/nivel del espaƱol, y sobre los estudios si es verdad, tratan de basarse en lo mas real posible
  2. im looking rn for better shorter options so nothing too crazy like changing the whole text. I speak spanish as my native language (since im colombian lol). i mean UCAV is good and the best option i was looking for something more "spanish"
  3. UCAV its good like that but if spanish translation would be VANT "Vehiculo Aereo No Tripulado" but in the spanish theres no (at least to me) translation for the UCAV in a military context. both of them are remotely piloted aircraft systems. the VANT's started as military drones from recon to attacks, and if we see the in game UCAV they are essentially that an remotely piloted aircraft system for recon or even attack
  4. puedes cambiar la "traduccion" del UCAV? si es un dron de combate aereo no piloteado entonces ponle VANT, guardar seria una mejor opcion personalmente a salvar, espectar seria una buena alternativa a mirar libre
  5. strafe would be cool because brings the opportunity to bhop and backwards bhop (faster than normal bhop), build speed but reverse bhopping in circles, when using jump pads strafe will help to reach further distances, speedruning will reach another level and parkour maps too. some things will be possible with strafe
  6. my only experience with CE is tweaking minecraft UWP ver and stuff
  7. yes the case is that i wanted to do this by myself
  8. i could used spectator mode just i got caried away with this thing and i wanted to take an sc on top
  9. so i got banned For "SpeedHack" not related to what i was modifing, the whole thing started becuase i wanted to see the whole map called: dm_PPulzzlebyPLM, i wanted to go to the top with someting related to fly hack, climb entire walls or use normal walls as a ladder, nothing harmful just offline, i managed to find the camera value too but i lost it, what i was basically doing was with cheat engine and going to scan by "Unknown Inital Value" in a float type, i started climbing to see if cheat engines founds the addres of the climb value, i got climbing because i got more than 200 million value
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