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  1. wtff how did you saw him XD he is banned from past 3 days
  2. Bruhhh yeahh like this would be a great contribute towards the game and this will help the fellow mates lying without clans to contribute their XP towrds the clan Tho I think the top 3 or top 5 players IDEA should be increase to 10 atleast ..... cuz if it is 10 then the competition willl be increasing more and their will be lots of fun their XD
  3. In terms of clans OP is the best no doubt about that XD-XD-XD But as per the clan system the medals n all is not necessary like we would have clan leaderboards for and that will only suggest the best clans n all so I too think their is no need of medals n all
  4. XD Agent138 bruhhh he is not a good players that's the reason Boot have reported him to remove the Clan tag as well as on forums too ^^
  5. Yahhh like the reward system will be too awkward for now but we will surely think about it Cuz their will be some greedy clan leaders harassing the members to add their clan tags for XP n all so pls don't need of this Untill now let OMA add the clan system .. Its a hella nice idea mate.
  6. But what if we make a totally seperate admin for that then who can easily handle all situations ... Like he will not be having all responsibilities as ban, mute kick n all just a can system one and the tags jobs XD
  7. Part 1 -- We can keep a clan system For example like if I am using My in game clan tag as OP so at the end of the game the XP which is gained by me will also added for the OP clan too..... We can have levels for clans or a small clan leaderboards something --> In that way we can easily classify the best clan in SW --> peoples will attract more towards SW to level up their own clans --> The clans which have been on the forums and are dead rn will start playing SW a
  8. Yeah that private room system will unlock at level 10 i think ( not that sure ) though you can set up your password and can invite friends or clanmates you want 🙂
  9. Ahhh Lol that's totally new their could be 2 possibilities like --Either He is a Hacker -- Or like their is a hard glitch for him
  10. k idc about your faded once but tho make montages of recons n speacially l96A1 only !! 🙂
  11. nicee mate but just a suggestion to use l96a1 or recons for the montages As I think and on the faded kill streaks so that it looks good !! XD Best Wishes Powerlook 🙂
  12. Lmao that was a new bug in SW like really it shocked me when i saw the the video 😞
  13. powerlook


    Yeahh LMAOOOOOO is backkk
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