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  1. Medals like Double Kill, Triple Kill, Ruthless, Berserk. That can be showcased. It would be a great addition!
  2. Allow players to set a loadout with the guns and perks and tactical equipment of their choice which can be accessed from a hot key instead of going in class then type of class then selecting everything
  3. Bhavya nahi hoga tera, no negativity but bhai negaative vibes aa rahi hai tere requenst se, toh bhi chal thik hai dekhte hai kya hoga
  4. because 1 its not clash of clan 2 most of the pro players have JOBS 3 a clan war takes at least 2 hours and nobody got that time 4 there are only 56 clans out of which only 3 can be considered active.
  5. wont be a good idea until a person is only in one clan. eg. in OP we have all the top players and these player are also the part of many others clans. Suppose bull he is a part of OP, SYS, + 56 others.
  6. Looks very powerful, you can drop a karen with just one hit to the cranium
  7. @impossybullwhen is the playtest coming then
  8. I regret saying it but, the BWF is inefficient, it is a very good addition but I efficient. So the other day I was in a match only 2 players, i told him not to leave because both of us had 3000+ XP, so I wrote "don't leave both of us will lose XP" the word both was shown as ***h, I don't know about you guys but that sounds kind of out of context when it is blured out like that. another instances where I had to write assist but because ass was a prefix of that it was blured out it just shows that it is really inefficient. I know this system is new so it needs to be ironed out but at
  9. AMD E2-7110 Radeon R2 8gb Windows
  10. After updating Skillwarz, I have been getting random stutters in fps, I checked by graphics they are okay enough for my gpu to handle. Not related to smoke, I have them without someone throwing smokes, when I am spraying the k10 or any gun with a high fire-rate I hit stutters my fps drops as low as 14. Another instance I had a L9 in hand on I was moving around and then boom fps 14 nothing that is a fps killer just a random stutter. Another instance after dying when the camera zooms up to the player who killed you I get 15 fps. I have appropriate cooling and graphic settings that are in m
  11. i had high ping in europe and i have unplayable ping in US
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