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  1. I know they are like 1:1000000, but can you explain it with a math equation.
  2. If there was a system I would vote for Exert
  3. A lot of people lately are being offended, I don't know why this is happening. Are we growing toxic or people are becoming sensitive. Either way a lot of people are suffering because of this. So Please Seniors Look Into This find out the solution, THIS IS NOT THE SKILLWARZ I PLAYED 6 MONTHS AGO.
  4. yeah, pretty much. zapper and litenite handle things lightly but when a person is throwing a tantrum like phyrax who come in kick ass.
  5. Are we mourning on his death? It looks like he is dead! Everyone is expressing both happiness and sadness for his temp ban like he is dead.
  6. Man, you playin the victim card so hard
  7. See brother, i am talking like you are my younger brother. You have done shit that you need to regret, like saying racist shit on international servers, ruining the experience of players. And guess what you are such a retard that even with 3 warning you did it again. So now guess what the you made the big bois angry and even the developer. You were not cheating you were ruining our experience and you were abusing. You are a 3 years old player so I might take your side but, I dont know if that would work now.
  8. Zapper is a clear representation of me being a Admin, but he is cool recently I was swearing, he just said "Stop Swearing" and I stopped.
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