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  1. specify your dpi, without that we dont have a refrence lol
  2. Bruh the knife animation aint even 2 seconds why would somebody but so much effort on designing it to not even be acknowledged!
  3. I suggest it be permanent as it is the closest thing to "realism" game mode
  4. the only reason why i suck is my pc refresh rate and my cheap ass mouse
  5. Yeah, it should be an option to toggle imagine you wanna knife someone but then your gun goes to reload lol bad idea needs to be toggle able
  6. a constantly rotating availability of game modes like cod mobile maybe good!
  7. Go through my suggestion.........
  8. There has been an sudden and expected influx in Skillwarz's player base. And with more players, more toxic people, more hackers and more people acting dumb. (no this is not a post where I implore to make me an admin) To deal with toxicity: A few words need to be added to the "bad word" directory namely Noob and Ez you know where I am going with this. And as per OMA's word saying Ez after every kill counts are toxicity, an average of a match's lenght can be taken and then the interval between
  9. @Rw I will copypaste here Bull's answer: "For Windows: (others are similar) Download the file Unzip it Then go to My Documents --> SkillWarz --> Maps and paste the .swm file in that folder. Go back to the game Go to Editor Maps, click Refresh. Click "Online" by the map to start a game; or if joining someone else, go to Find Game and join the EditorMap lobby. "
  10. Children here we can witness Benjamin naming every tesla ever to exist. This is a very important piece of history this will be on the test!
  11. Version 1.1.0


    This map is based around a concept where a bank heist is taking place and a law enforcement team lands on the top of the building and tries to arrest the robbers. This map has 4 stories 1. Office Block 2. Office with a vault 3. An indoor basketball court 4. The terrace This map is meant to be played with a strategy like bull's map Tightrope. This map is recommended to be played with 12 to 10 players. Various camping spots to take advantage. Only 2 ways to move from story to story.
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