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  1. so, suppose you have made a layout for the map in Paint. Now you have to change the applications for looking at it, but instead of that suppose i press "X" the layout of the map made in Paint shows up!
  2. A hotkey can be assigned to pop out a image of the layout the map maker has created in a seprate image editor. This can be handy as the map maker won't have to switch applications all the time. The image can be imported.
  3. In this mode the map maker will be provided with a bird eye view of the canvas, where he can mark out the map he wants to create. Then, he can switch to the edit mode and adjust the height of the marked objects and add other assets. This will be very useful for porting maps. This function is not crucial but it increases convenience.
    Good Enough It does what it says, it allows you to make custom maps. It is not exactly beginner friendly, but there are YouTube videos to help you. It has a few bugs here and there but they will be fixed eventually.
  4. No plz Reasons: Neither active on forums nor discord.
  5. you are the kind of person who would say no homo before eating a banana. Exactly what I would expect from a wannabe!
  6. There has been an misunderstanding here, the channel you checked is ShardulIsHere where I put random content in Hindi. https://youtube.com/channel/UCqAmgd2vuir-9Ves3Wr2fOQ this is ShardulPlays here i post the SkillWarz content. I am sorry for the misunderstanding! Ps I asked to be deleted to add this.
  7. This is basically giving people with high ping an unfair advantage lol And none of the maps in the game (excluding editor maps) have an advantage that comes with lying down and peeking. Most of the people play this game for fun and not for scratching their heads for strategies.
    Very Fun to Play on!
  8. A fun event for the SkillWarz community! A roast can be held within the community. This will surely be a fun a event! Give your opinions.
  9. 2 Appeals = Auto rejection btw OMA gave his final statement, nothing can be done.
  10. That would prove me a better candidate becuase I have the listed abilities! I am mentally strong and I have a tough skin towards insults
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