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  1. Yea I agree with theys changes and I believe they will improve the game a bit.
  2. Yea this sound like a good idea, people can start helping with thing ig
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A team deathmatch that has platforms the give you height advantages. Nice map to snipe on
  4. I would honestly love a buff for the KSG. I believe that people don't use it because it can't 1 shot from a reasonable distance. I like the OMA's idea of increasing the damage per pellet. If you think of it, it will be a little better at range given the fact that it has tighter spread when you ADS. This would really balance the KSG
  5. I now realize I'm a dumb, dumb
  6. Y'all really forgot about Micro uzi tho, tis, tis, tis
  7. Imma be more active in forums from now on, I really like the game a I would like to help improve the community
  8. Yea he really seem fit to be an admin. Just like Boost and Robertkk said he is really active on discord and forums, he would be a nice admin.
  9. •Name: Abdul-Jamal • Age: 15 • In-game username: Abdul200 • Experience as admin in other games: I dont have any experience as an admin but I would really love to benefit this community and help improve the game • How long do you play this game: I play for 3-5 hours daily • From which country you are: America but my parents where born in Africa • What's your native language: English • What other languages do you know: An African language called Yourba
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