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  1. You know how in real life, if you pull the pin out of a grenade and the safety lever comes flying out, the firing pin strikes the primer which ignites the fuse. If the fuse lights you only have 5 seconds before the grenade explodes. You know how in skillwarz you can hold a M67 frag grenade for pretty much as long as you want. So what I mean by cooking the grenade is the detination of the gernade is is in 5 seconds, you hold it for 4 seconds then throw it, 1 second later it explodes
  2. I'm not sure if this was brought up before but, what if we could cook frag grenades. I also noticed that you could hold it for how long you want but there should be a 5 second fuse on it, so if you hold it for too long it should blow up in your hand.
  3. Damn man you really went for it
  4. Well damn, give them a chance
  5. Lets just hope that it can make it in he next update
  6. I think there should be a time limit for each challenge that depends on how long you were in the game and the difficulty of the challenge. And if you close the game the time limit should pause and continues when you reopen the game.
  7. I really like this idea. Hopefully this can be in a future update
  8. Yea I think it should stay in the game. Might make some good clips. And don't mind me being a year late XD.
  9. Well I just logged into skillwarz and I can't mantle as well. Before i was able to mantle on this wall no problem but now I don't know what happend SkillWarz 2021-04-04 12-32-38_Trim (3).mp4
  10. I think its because your looking too high. See I had the same problem before but I figure out that if you look at where the range and white meet, you will be able to mantle with no problem.
  11. I use 2.6 mouse sensitivity and 51% aim sensitivity. I might bum it up a little for faster flicks
  12. Oh I didn't know that. Well hopefully you will be able to get the animations you need and maybe add it to a future update
  13. Yea I'm not gonna lie, I tend to do that a lot but it would still be very useful if it was in the game
  14. Just like other fps games, you can equip a knife and it make you move a little faster. That would be nice if we had it in Skillwarz.
  15. I know right. If you could intently cancel the reload, you might still have chance to fight back
  16. Based on personal experience
  17. Yea I think that would be very useful but even though we can shave off some time with knifing. Before you can shoot its like a 0.3 - 0.4 second delay before you can start shooting again. Before those 0.3 - 0.4 seconds people can still kill you. If you could cancel the reload instantly that would be very useful
  18. Yea I agree with triplebusted but I'm thinking about what Blink23 said about realism. I feel like a headshot should one tap for all the auto guns, snipers and Deagle no matter how much health you have, distance, and game mode.
  19. For AK-47 I feel like the damage is too much, but the normal AK needed a buff. So maybe 1.4 to 1.5 times damage would be a little more fair and balanced.
  20. Yea I agree with theys changes and I believe they will improve the game a bit.
  21. Yea this sound like a good idea, people can start helping with thing ig
  22. Version 1.0.0


    A team deathmatch that has platforms the give you height advantages. Nice map to snipe on
  23. I would honestly love a buff for the KSG. I believe that people don't use it because it can't 1 shot from a reasonable distance. I like the OMA's idea of increasing the damage per pellet. If you think of it, it will be a little better at range given the fact that it has tighter spread when you ADS. This would really balance the KSG
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