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Found 4 results

  1. skillwarz says banned for granade hack even though I have never used any type of cheat, I would like to ask to be unbanned, I hadn't played it for a while and just now noticed that I was banned.
  2. Hi, I love to play this game week after week, for hours. Now I'm banned for alleged speed hack in November 2020. Until a few days ago everything was fine. I don't understand how it comes about. I never hacked. Even if a moderator thought that this should be reported recently and not 4 months later. My ban also says that my username is Doc2. But my name is Till. I don't get it. in addition, I myself should have forwarded hackers to the mods example Furthermore this Doc2 account has not played a round. Then why ban because of speedhack and more importantly, what does that
  3. so pretty much i launch the game on my old Linux pc after i realize i cant play on MacOS Catalina and i appear to be banned? First of all it says my username was "humicbeast" which its not, its "Wolfystrider" and secondly i have never used any bullet hacks! the only thing that might look like hacking is my terrible internet which makes me glitch out. Please I love this game and would never hack on it. awaiting an un-ban
  4. A lot of people lately are being offended, I don't know why this is happening. Are we growing toxic or people are becoming sensitive. Either way a lot of people are suffering because of this. So Please Seniors Look Into This find out the solution, THIS IS NOT THE SKILLWARZ I PLAYED 6 MONTHS AGO.
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