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Found 5 results

  1. Version 0.0.1


    The first step of the war ! The next map will come the 22/09 !
  2. Version 1.0.0


    A simple castle TDM map. Have fun on this !
  3. Here are the ideas I have for maps to create with the new map editor. I already have all of these planned, but I am posting them here so others can use them as idea prompts. The second line is what game modes would be especially good on those maps. Abbreviations: Anyway, here is my list: Cliffside ⦁ TDM, TGG, Intel Hunter ⦁ Battle amidst some farmers' huts... on the side of a mountain! Hectic TDM games. Sahara ⦁ FFA, Elimination, Bomb ⦁ Battle for control in this walled desert village. Great for all game modes. Courtyard ⦁ FFA, CTF, Sharpsho
  4. In designing maps, it is common to want to design something with some number of equally spaced something, like beams, posts, columns, or decorative elements. For example, the beams on a roof: Another angle: We can see that the roof is 39 blocks wide, and that we can install 9 beams with a spacing of 3 blocks between them (not counting the main beams at the ends). But, is there a way to figure out all the arrangements that will work? Yes, there is. Here is the equation to use: Because I recognize that most of my readers don't have more than trivial algebra ski
  5. The new map editor is coming out soon and so older maps will probably no longer be compatible. Because of this, I've went through and gotten EVERY community map I could find, and made them compatible with the current SkillWarz version. There are 40 maps included, with 12 created by me! Me and the OP clan will be playing on them regularly, so be sure to download and install this pack of maps so you can play with us! If you have any other maps, please comment below and I'll make your map compatible! If you have not installed maps before, please read these simple instructions:
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