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Found 7 results

  1. An archaeological excavation site: the ruins of an Athenian temple. Chaotic and fast gameplay. Great for all weapons. Based on my previous map "Corridor", Athens has a stylish but rugged feel. The map is small enough for a pistols-only game, yet has long sightlines that snipers can cover. There's not tons of empty space, so shotguns have a niche in this map, too. Corridor is one of the top 5 most popular unreleased maps right now; and Athens is Corridor remastered. 😎 Download it and check it out for yourself! DOWNLOAD: PREVIEW:
  2. Ideally this is made for knifing only, at the very least that's how I plan on using it myself. My goal with my maps is to make something fun and catered to what my clan wants to play. It also has invisible borders so there will be no falling off, I meant this to be a tiny little map with a decent amount of terrain to make it interesting. The name is a reference to an old saying, in case it wasn't known. To save space, I've included screenshots under the spoiler tag. As with my previous map S_S and future ones, I'll be making them available for download by request right now but they will all be posted here and my clan page when playable. Having fun experimenting with this map editor!
  3. Version 1.0.1


    An archaeological excavation site: the ruins of an Athenian temple in Athens, Greece. Chaotic and fast gameplay. Great for all weapons. .sw files: Map files to play in-game. (Coming soon, not in SW 0.61.) .zip file: Map project to load in map editor.
  4. SkillWarz Custom Maps is a playlist showcasing me and others playing on custom maps the community has made for SkillWarz.
  5. The new map editor is coming out soon and so older maps will probably no longer be compatible. Because of this, I've went through and gotten EVERY community map I could find, and made them compatible with the current SkillWarz version. There are 40 maps included, with 12 created by me! Me and the OP clan will be playing on them regularly, so be sure to download and install this pack of maps so you can play with us! If you have any other maps, please comment below and I'll make your map compatible! If you have not installed maps before, please read these simple instructions: Enjoy! Here are some preview screenshots: 😎 List of maps: super maps pack v3.zipStorage 1.0.0.zip
  6. Version 3.0.0


    How to install: For Windows: Download the file Unzip it Then go to My Documents --> Skillwarz --> Maps and paste the .swm files in that folder. Go back to the game Go to Editor Maps, click Refresh. Click "Online" by the map to start a game; or if joining someone else, go to Find Game and join the EditorMap lobby. For Mac: Use Spotlight Search to find a folder called "Maps" inside of a folder called "Skillwarz".Download the fileUnzip itThen go to the Maps folder you just found and paste the .swm files in that folder.Go back to the gameGo to Editor Maps, click Refresh.Click "Online" by the map to start a game; or if joining someone else, go to Find Game and join the EditorMap lobby. List of maps:
  7. After approximately seven months of off-and-on development, I present the new map "Nightride": Forget laggy maps! Nightride has been carefully and pragmatically designed to not turn your graphics card into a leaf blower. Though spacious and beautifully detailed, it runs only 40% slower than an average map. If you can run most maps at even 100 FPS, you can run this one at a full 60 FPS. Correctly sized! Forget enemies throwing grenades across the entire map, or earning the Hiking merit badge by accident while trying to find another player. Nightride is scaled with careful attention to popular SkillWarz maps (P1, P5, P9, P13, etc.) to accommodate 6 - 12 players. The reviews are in! Here is a selection of serendipitous statements from well-known players: "This map is sick!" - juliom10 "This is insane!" - wcoutts "I like this map" - Sviseerd "It's insane" - HumamT You have to see it to believe it! Here are some screenshots: I hope you like this map! Download all three versions here: Nightride Maps.zip
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