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Found 6 results

  1. So this is all very early but I thought it would be fun and pretty easy to throw together. I know not to make anything too grand yet and this Modern Warfare map kinda just popped into my head. I did some mild updating, adding more verticality to the map for this game. Added a launcher in the middle once I saw how much fun it adds and have replicated the better spawn points from the original, though looking at it now I might still add one more per team. I'll likely be updating this as the editor changes because so far it's been fun to run around on. The legend at the top left will update with new stuff, like if we could eventually put ammo or killstreaks later on. Version 1.00 will be the first playable version, I guess. Here are some screenshots of the current state: The screenshot below is after sliding into that sick launcher and getting flung into the crates
  2. Which of these maps sound coolest? I'd like to know what people are most interested in. (Please read all options before you vote.) In the post, there is the map title, what game modes would work well on it, and a short description of the map. I'm waiting for the editor to get out of beta to start on most of these, but I'm curious what other people think sounds cool. 😎 You can select multiple answers: pick whatever maps sound good! Thanks for voting! Cliffside ⦁ TDM, TGG, Intel Hunter ⦁ Battle amidst some farmers' huts... on the side of a mountain! Hectic TDM games. Sahara ⦁ FFA, Elimination, Bomb ⦁ Battle for control in this walled desert village. Great for all game modes. Courtyard ⦁ FFA, CTF, Sharpshooter, Juggernaut ⦁ Play in a bombed-out urban office park. Play it safe, or be daring? The choice is yours. -- Larger than the previous version. Nightride ⦁ TDM, Elimination, CTF, Bomb ⦁ Fight from all angles in this modern Chinese city. Great for snipers. System ⦁ TDM, FFA, GG, Bomb, Sharpshooter, Intel Hunter, Juggernaut, FFA Juggernaut ⦁ A deserted Communist-era supply outpost in rural Kazakhstan. A mix of indoor and outdoor firefights. Versatile weapons advised. -- Larger than the previous version. Freeway ⦁ TDM, TGG, Elimination, CTF, Bomb ⦁ Landslides are still a problem for this mountainous Colorado freeway interchange. Large with many open sightlines. Sobborgo ⦁ TDM, DM, CTF, Bomb, Sharpshooter ⦁ These spacious Italian suburbs are great for Capture the Flag. Lots of room for stealth and tactics. London ⦁ TDM, TGG, Elimination, Intel Hunter ⦁ Small and close map in an old part of London. Chaotic team-based games. Kilauea ⦁ TDM, FFA, Elimination, Bomb, Intel Hunter ⦁ A geological excavation site on a Hawaiian volcano. Don't fall in the lava! Gunfights at all ranges across varying altitudes. Barracks ⦁ TDM, FFA, Elimination, CTF, Bomb, Intel Hunter, Juggernaut ⦁ Military barracks. Medium range gunfights abound. Great for many objective modes. Union ⦁ TDM, TGG, FFA, GG, Elimination, Bomb, Sharpshooter, Juggernaut, FFA Juggernaut ⦁ A train station abandoned after a catastrophic earthquake. Short range engagements. Chaotic objective modes. Mansion ⦁ TDM, Elimination, Bomb, Juggernaut ⦁ A cavernous mansion. Fight across the center yard, flank through the corridors, or camp high in the loft of the great room. Long-range weapons advised. Athens (re-styled Corridor) ⦁ TDM, TGG, Intel Hunter ⦁ The ruins of an Athenian temple. Great for shotguns. Constant action. Valley ⦁ TDM, Elimination, CTF, Bomb ⦁ Large with open sightlines. A gunplay dominant map that makes for extremely tactical gameplay. Estado ⦁ TDM, TGG, FFA, GG, Elimination, CTF, Bomb, Sharpshooter ⦁ A hillside getaway cabin. Fight for control of the cabin on this mountainous map. Lodge ⦁ TDM, TGG, FFA, GG, Elimination, CTF, Bomb, Sharpshooter ⦁ A Swiss ski lodge in the Alps. Varied terrain and routes; fun for plenty of modes and playstyles.
  3. impossybull

    Map Design

    Map Design is a video series with guides discussing how to make fun, balanced, and enjoyable maps. It's not editor-specific or game-specific.
  4. In designing maps, it is common to want to design something with some number of equally spaced something, like beams, posts, columns, or decorative elements. For example, the beams on a roof: Another angle: We can see that the roof is 39 blocks wide, and that we can install 9 beams with a spacing of 3 blocks between them (not counting the main beams at the ends). But, is there a way to figure out all the arrangements that will work? Yes, there is. Here is the equation to use: Because I recognize that most of my readers don't have more than trivial algebra skills, don't worry if you don't understand the above formulae. I've made a couple graphs in Desmos and provided an example below. This one is if you want your repeating objects to be on each end: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/lnrgfxrmie This one is if you want equal gaps to be on each end: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/frja9sdfwa Example: Let's say you have a ceiling 76 blocks wide, and you want to put rafters on it. Additionally, you want to make each rafter 2 blocks wide. And you don't want rafters directly next to the walls on each end. You choose the link above for gaps on each end: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/frja9sdfwa In Desmos, you set N = 76, and w = 2. The resulting graph is: You know that the x-axis is the number of rafters, and the y-axis is the space between them. Look at the points at the bottom corner of each 'L' shape. We can see that we can have: 1 rafter with a spacing of 37 blocks, or 2 rafters with a spacing of 24 blocks, or 5 rafters with a spacing of 11 blocks, or 12 rafters with a spacing of 4 blocks, or 25 rafters with a spacing of 1 block between them. Q.E.D. I'll make a video about this once the new editor comes out and/or when I have some time.
  5. The new map editor is coming out soon and so older maps will probably no longer be compatible. Because of this, I've went through and gotten EVERY community map I could find, and made them compatible with the current SkillWarz version. There are 40 maps included, with 12 created by me! Me and the OP clan will be playing on them regularly, so be sure to download and install this pack of maps so you can play with us! If you have any other maps, please comment below and I'll make your map compatible! If you have not installed maps before, please read these simple instructions: Enjoy! Here are some preview screenshots: 😎 List of maps: super maps pack v3.zipStorage 1.0.0.zip
  6. Version 3.0.0


    How to install: For Windows: Download the file Unzip it Then go to My Documents --> Skillwarz --> Maps and paste the .swm files in that folder. Go back to the game Go to Editor Maps, click Refresh. Click "Online" by the map to start a game; or if joining someone else, go to Find Game and join the EditorMap lobby. For Mac: Use Spotlight Search to find a folder called "Maps" inside of a folder called "Skillwarz".Download the fileUnzip itThen go to the Maps folder you just found and paste the .swm files in that folder.Go back to the gameGo to Editor Maps, click Refresh.Click "Online" by the map to start a game; or if joining someone else, go to Find Game and join the EditorMap lobby. List of maps:
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