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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1.0.4


    An archaeological excavation site: the ruins of a temple in Athens, Greece. Chaotic and fast gameplay. Great for all weapons. .sw files: Map files to play in-game. (Coming soon, not in SW 0.61.) .zip file: Map project to load in map editor.
  2. "Penitentiary" is a modern prison in South Africa. The map is expansive, with long hallways in the two wings of the prison, but also a large, spacious dining hall and central recreation yard. There are plenty of varied engagements: sniping across the center yard, holding down one of the hallways, battling throughout the vacuous dining hall, or rushing through the prison between cover, to name a few. Try using the M110! It's better on this map than you would expect. 😉 This map is superb for large (8-12) Team Deathmatch games. It works well as a unique Elimination map, it would be gr
  3. Hi everyone! I decided to give myself a chance in making my own custom map for SkillWarz. It's a very first level design I've ever done in my life, so hopefully the map will be fun to play at some point. Downtown Corsers is a small map, perfect for CQB, but also keeps a few places for sniper mains. Explore corners and possible ways were you can change your position and surprise your enemies. The map is themed for Team Deadmatch mode. I'm looking forward for all kinds of feedback from you so I can think of balancing the map in the future 🙂 I apologize for any of my grammar
  4. Just a simple deathrun that has one team as the runners(blue team) and the other team(red team) as the shooters. The only problem is that the runners have the ability to shoot at the shooters, which should not be allowed. I cannot figure out a way to fix this. Other than that, it is pretty balanced considering the restrictions of the map editor. The shooters have to choose KSG and the runners can choose any assault rifle. DeathrunbyPLM
  5. Inspired by Philippe Petit's walk between New York's Twin Towers in 1974, "Tightrope" is a map like no other. There are two office buildings, with 3 floors each of playable area. The inside is designed to be a very tactical environment, with plenty of places to hide and take cover. The buildings have plenty of windows, to engage the enemy through. However, this map's distinguishing feature is that the only way to get across is by a single tightrope, strung between the buildings! This is a great map for Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Elimination. This would also be a great map for
  6. I made a parkour map based on fall guys and I just wanted some input. FallGuysbyPLM
  7. Just a simple map that I made and want opinions on. BoxFightbyPLM
  8. Just wanted to make a fun Prototype-style map, I know they're OMA's fave. 😁 Download here! Video: Screenshots:
  9. I recently made this map and I just wanted some opinions on it. It has a ton of exploits and glitches I found so if anyone wants to make a puzzle map they should definitely check this out. 2PPbyPLM
  10. An archaeological excavation site: the ruins of an Athenian temple. Chaotic and fast gameplay. Great for all weapons. Based on my previous map "Corridor", Athens has a stylish but rugged feel. The map is small enough for a pistols-only game, yet has long sightlines that snipers can cover. There's not tons of empty space, so shotguns have a niche in this map, too. Corridor was one of the top 5 most popular old map editor maps; and Athens is Corridor remastered. 😎 Download it and check it out for yourself! DOWNLOAD: PREVIEW:
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