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Found 5 results

  1. It would be nice to have an unlockable perk that allows the player to jump of walls, unlocked at a high rank. This would be a unique mechanic in the game in my opinion. While touching a wall (in air) if the player presses the key binded to slide (c by default) the character will push themself off the wall. This could be useful in maps with towers as it would be a quick way to get down without taking damage.
  2. hi im sure what im suggesting has a name but i cant think of it so i personally have no idea who my ally players on the field are. currently you can only see where an ally is, and not who that ally is. it would be so much more convenient if you can know who is where. so heres my suggestion: if you point your crosshair (ofc only people with the crosshair perk will have a crosshair, for other people just the middle area of their screen(where the crosshair would be if they have the perk)) or aim at an ally (aim as in aim with your weapon), you can see their nametag/name. n
  3. Hi everyone. I find interesting that players create skins for weapons and send them to discord, for developers add. This will strengthen thr connection with the community to the game. Thanks for listening 😄
  4. Use Discords rich presence feature. This can show many things like: map name, round, kills, score, game mode, etc. You could also have a quick join/spectate button. This will not only look cool but also attract new players. I attached a few examples.
  5. Sometimes, I hide in the fog of some persons smoke bomb and then shoot out of it using my scope with just a little bit of sight. That way i can see the anemy and they can't see me, I'm thinking of an kill achievement called Fog Kill (You decide the points) in where you kill people inside of the fog, Also duckhunt where you shoot a player when they're in the middle of jumping off a high tower(Towers only) along with Death from above where you kill somone while jumping off from a tower above them. Something like that, I dont know you can discuss it. anyways thanks for checking this out even thou
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