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Found 4 results

  1. I'm sure I can help program this if you want
  2. It will be cool to have the same thing that we have in practice mode in normal matches that we can pick up weapon from the walls by holding E, but every map was a special weapon that you don't get with any rank it's only in this map. ??? And if it's already being work on, good. And if it's a bad idea, srry my bad.
  3. Hey, in my opinion this game needs more diversity in the weapon choices available because for example with the rifles i only see the ak and m4 beiing an option for the players that want to absolutely go hard and dominate the scoreboard but just adding another ar wouldnt help much aswell i think it would maybe change the meta to a different gun and thats it. Therefor i am suggesting to add a Burst Rifle ( maybe smthg among the lines of an an-94 or an as-val or smthg like that really (maybe even another m4 variant that has burst mode)) the idea would be that they dont have the highest dps in the world but for sure have an advantage in the accuracy category because i recently found that the spread can be quite annoying in mid to long range fights but on the other hand you could argue that the snipers would get pointless then howether i dont find the ars really winning alot of gunfights on long range anyways (from my observation) after all this is just a suggestion but i do think the game could make good use of perhaps a whole nother weapon category to add more diversity in the weapons used Stay at home and dont get the Coronavirus thx, have a nice day 😉
  4. I'm planning a video series like Drift0r's "In Depth" series about the stuff in SW. I mentioned this a while back but with the upcoming release of WebGL they would get a lot more views. I'm thinking about starting to release them when WebGL and/or Steam goes public, and doing a couple per week. I'm posting this up if anyone has advice on editing or scheduling uploads that they'd want to throw at me. I'd also be open to dual-comming with people, so PM me if you're interested. It would make the most sense if it was about a gun or mechanic that you have lots of experience with, like Sviseerd with snipers or something; but I'm mainly throwing this out for more community engagement so if you think you'd have something to contribute to an episode,let me know. 😄 l8r sk8rs
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