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Fast Hands - lets the player swap, reload weapon and throw grenades up to 40% faster.
Crosshair - shows static crosshair.
Extra Health - player gets extra 40 health point when spawns.
Extra Ammo - player gets x3 more ammo when spawns.
Strong Arms - lowers recoil and removes sniper sway.
Silent footsteps - reduces footstep noise.
Sprinter - increases running speed by 15%.
Regeneration - health points will be regenerated by 5 hp/second. Health regeneration doesn't start immediately (few seconds delay) and will stop at 100 hp.
Extended mag - increases magazine capacity by 50%.
Extra nade - you will get one extra nade. It can be primary, or secondary (50/50). Note: You can plant only 2 claymores.
Walk speed ADS - move faster (at walk speed) when aim down the sights.
Low Gravity - lets the player jump higher and protects from fall damage.

*** Removed perks
Balance - player spawns with 200 hp when K/D ratio in match goes under 0.33
Random perk - every time you spawn, random perk will be picked. Random from all perks (also from first slot).
High Jump - lets the player jump ~ 40% higher.
Double Jump - ability to jump while you're still airborne from the first jump.
Power Slide - slide faster and further.
Slide Hop - you can jump when sliding (without losing momentum).

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